Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Who Cares Where the 9/11 "Trials" Are Held?

Why all this distracting banter about whether the so-called, "9/11 trials" are going to be held in New York or not? What difference does it make?

A trial should be held in a court within the jurisdiction of where the crime took place, unless defence attorneys can prove that their client cannot receive a fair trial due to publicity. You could certainly argue that KSM received a lot of negative publicity! But he's been touted as "the mastermind of 9/11" since 2005 on every news program and newspaper in the Western world. There's nowhere he could receive a trial by a jury untouched by media prejudice.

"Too expensive?" gimme a break. What makes this trial so expensive? New Yorkers "don't need to "relive" the 9/11 attacks?" A trial would help bring some closure to the people of New York.

Therefore, shut up, and hold the trial in New York. It's going to be a sham anyway. KSM is going to hang and we all know it. What are they going to do, find him not guilty?

KSM is a patsy. He "claimed" to be the "mastermind" behind 9/11, sure... after being tortured. And what ever happened to a certain Osama Bin Laden? I thought he was the mastermind of all Al-Qaeda attacks? Oh yeah... Bin Laden is the only terrorist in the history of terrorism that doesn't like to take credit for his attacks (nor issue demands or threats of any kind).

Let's get this kangaroo court over with.

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