Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Aerial Images of 9/11 from ABC

ABC released aerial images of 9/11 today, and I can't help but be but (re-)overwhelmed by the obvious proof that these buildings were professionally demolished.

Images 5 and 6 clearly show that fires were highly localised on one side of the tower. There is no way, under any accepted rules of physics, that structural weakening on one side could cause a perfect, straight-down collapse. When lumberjacks cut out one side of a tree, does it then collapse into its own footprint in a cloud of sawdust?

Further, just look at that dust cloud... that is pyroclastic flow. This is only possible with fine particulate and extreme heat - not a cool, structural failure - which would have resulted in some dust, yes... but also gigantic blocks of stil-intact building and contents.

Instead, we hear from firefighters that the largest piece of furniture seen was part of a telephone keypad approximately 3 inches square.

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