Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Media Black & White's the Issues

Now here is a perfect example of how the mass media subtly controls our opinions by framing a debate and creating black & white, opposed forces.

Now, how does a crappy, second-rate newspaper like the Toronto Star, claim to know what 1.5 milion Torontonians are collectively saying? The idea is preposterous. In fact, today's newspapers are one of the last places on Earth I'd look to find out what people are thinking - they're so out of touch...

And, naturally, the battle is said to be between Torontonians and the union. Thus the debate is framed. We certainly can't talk about any other reasons that Toronto's public transit system (one of North America's oldest, and, until being gutted by corporatist politicians since the 80s, one of the world's best), is failing. We can't talk about the politician's hand in all this. We can't talk about increasing public funding and oversight. We can't talk about increasing the highly efficient and clean street car system (instead of the neglect and destruction it has seen instead!)

Watch for proposals to completely privatise the TTC. RIP when that happens.

No. It's the "people" against the union. Handy.

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