Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Harvard Tars & Feathers Lou Dobbs

Now, I am not about to get excited either way about any talking head on the "news," let alone champion Lou Dobbs - but there was something happening with Dobbs: He was ranting on about the evils of globalisation, North American Union, the Amero, the dangers if mass, auto-citizenship for illegal immigrants, the questionable US citizenship of Obama and a few other issues which I suddenly found myself almost aligned with Dobbs on! Shockingly!

Starting a couple years ago, I wondered how long he'd be allowed to go on with that line of attack on his show. He was also an original, major investor/stockholder in CNN, which is why, I assume, he was able to get away with dealing with some real topics for this long!

What's amazing to watch here is the beautifully worded, subtle attack on Dobbs' sanity and character by the Harvard Crimson. When faced with uncomfortable issues, these methods are the only available if there is some truth to the opponent's views. Notice, not a single moment spent on the potential validity of his points... No, that just wouldn't do.

Instead we are told that, "For several years now, doubts have arisen as to whether Dobbs can separate fact from opinion, and even fact from misinformation." The Crimson doesn't have to say whose "doubts?" they are referring to. There's no need. Everyone knows about the "doubts" surrounding Dobbs' views, right?

Or did you know that "...Dobbs often pandered to conspiracy theories?" Of course you did. Everyone knows that! And did you know that the questions over Obama's birthplace (and, thus, eligibility for the presidency) were, "...factually bankrupt ?" Seems to me that, until Obama produces unequivocal proof of US birth, the idea that he is a natural-born American is, "factually bankrupt."

So, like him or no, Lou Dobbs is off TV (for now) and the only mainstream media vehicle on which an American (or Canadian or Mexican for that matter) could ever hear about any of the above issues at all.

It's OK America. Now the big, bad Dobbs is gone and you can go back to your TVs rest assured that there will be no more troubling news or, most important, questions about your government. And no dissent (which is such a nuisance, really).


Doug Plumb said...

I think Lou Dobbs was allowed to say these things so that people who saw the truth believed their views were being represented on the set.

I don't think Lou has any control of anything because of his money- after all the money isn't really money - its debt and its all spoken for. Lou Dobbs doesn't have any money- either does anyone else. He has done a good service, and is a white hat, but no more in control than Bill Joy, who has warned us of the same global conspiracy.

Enjneer said...


I agree. Obviously, if Dobbs was doing something truly dangerous he would have been removed (by any means).

Rather, I mean that Dobbs had enough power, through holding stock or notoriety, to hold out longer than some regular, pawn-level reader like a Brian Williams would have.

Either way, the truth remains: if we're watching it on TV, someone wants us to see it. Most debates are carefully framed in "right" or "left" definitions that are created for us. True dissent and, ultimately, the truth are never allowed airtime.

Thanks for reading, Doug!