Wednesday, June 24, 2009

War: Then and Now

What do you rememeber of advertisements from the war in the 40s? How do they compare to advertisemenets in wartime now? What effect do they have on our outlook as a country? How could this effect (if any) be used to influence - even control - the path a country takes, domestically and internationaly?

I remember being taught that the women and able-bodied men left behind at home had to work for the government. They had to sacrifice part of their career to the war effort of building war machines and ammunition. They also were expected to buy war bonds - because the US had bankrupted itself.

Nowadays, the American President himself issues the first instruction: "Keep Shopping!" No need for war bonds - the Federal Reserve simply prints more worthless paper money to buy more arms.

How has your life changed since the war in Afghanistan started? Iraq? How about during the invasion of Panama? Or the British invasion of the Falklands?
Nothing changes at home. For the soldier away in the field, everything changes. When they come back, they will be horribly misunderstood and estranged.

And so it goes...

Many of us protest these illegal war-actions - but what do we sacrifice to put an end to it?

There's a certain kind of "sacrifice" as shown on tv:
"duty to your country," "police work," "public service,"

The kind of sacrifice that asks that you give up your elecric salad slicer or Sham-Wow is never mentioned. 'Cos now we have Worldwide War spending and no reduction in luxury spending. It doesn't add up. The bill comes due. Always.

By the end of next year, the bill will come due. The North American currenecies will nosedive. Inflation will take over. THEN they will be calling for "sacrifice." Sacrifice your job, your house, your pension.

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