Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Is What We're Separated For?!

I'm sure many of you harbour secret and growing dread about our so-called public education system. I know I do.

First, it seems that the schools cannot make a distinction between reality and movies - with most schools' denizens hell-bent on trying to recreate the social scenes portrayed in Pretty In Pink or DeGrassi High. Or The Hills. And it's not just the students - teachers and administrators buy into this, "popular/unpopular kid" model and thus reinforce it!

Second, there's the content. History is written by the victor. Since we (The West) have been having most of the victories for the last few centuries, it's hardly surprising that our kids are getting a skewed, distorted an self-serving version of all events from the time of the last Ice Age on.

Add to this the fact that EVERY textbook in the Western school system has been correlated and published by or for giant NGOs directly affiliated with the world's richest and oldest-moneyed families... And how could we possibly expect to get a fair view of science, history, politics or religion?!

My 14-yr old daughter will tell anyone who'll listen: "I haven't learnt anything for three years!" how bad is that?!

Add to this the fact that, right when evidence is peaking that vaccines are bad for you, they're trying to vaccinate our children more and more each year, with vaccines that are barely even tested anymore! Human Pampaloma Virus?!? Hep A,B,C?!? Bird Flu! SARS?
With HPV especially, this makes no sense. The viral theory of cancer is just that: a theory. And, despite decades of research, no proof has ever been found that cancer is a virus or can be caused by a virus - just statistcal correlations - which could be due to some other shared factor among test subjects.

Home schooling is legal and I'm moving my kids home ASAP.

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Penny said...

goodness, I had wondered where you had gotten to??

If you can educate your daughter outside of the school system, great, if not do what you can to add to and enrich it, and expand it on your own time, lots of opportunities in conversation to do so.

as for the vaccines, it isn't necessary, if I was in your shoes, I would not have my daughter take it.

Cervical cancer is a very slow progressing cancer, very slow, it is easily caught with the yearly pap smear,and easily treated when caught early.

that vaccine appears to be a cash cow

Doug Plumb said...

I was always bored in school - sick of doing the sma ething over and over again in gr7 & 8, then largely in gr 9-12 all over again. Every year I learned what an asimile, metaphor, integer, decimal, etc and whole number was. Over and over and over again.

I just sat in the back and read books and was happy with my 60's.