Wednesday, September 03, 2008

South Ossetia - Israeli Air Base?!?

My friends and I had been trying to figure out this latest 'conflict' in Georgia's South Ossetia... I must admit, that, while I do not find sabre-rattling at Russia surprising (the only time that the USA treated Russia kindly was when Boris Yeltsin allowed the USA and its allies to rape Russia!) - We sure did not see this one coming.

After Georgia went into Ossetia, Russia attacked Georgian troops, and the US & NATO countries decried and threatened Russia, as I tried to come up with angles, I thought to myself,

  • 1) Perhaps Iran and North Korea - even the War On Terror - had been distractions and they've really been pining all along for a revival of the old, Cold War with Russia.
  • 2) This flare up in Russia is a distraction from something else that we should be paying attention to
  • 3) The Georgian president is a CIA asset (Like Karzai of Afghanistan, he speaks perfect English, went to US college paid for by the State Dept. and was a lawyer in New York who worked to "recruit" ex-pat Georgians for political movements back home.
Turns out that 2 and 3 are closest - though I don't rule out a complete return to a demonised Russia.

Read the excellent article below:

Israel was using South Ossetia as a staging ground to bomb Iran!?!? Now, that makes some sense out of Russia's invasion.

Remember: There are no "surprises" in world events.

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