Saturday, May 31, 2008

If You Had Any Doubts That You Were Alone In All This...

Who woulda thunk? From such a non-threatening, mainstream band!

I'm amazed that they didn't slander him. They certainly didn't support his statements, but, for once, they just presented the views and let the object of the article be. A previously unaware reader might even be tempted to look into Corrs's allegations - seeing as how they didn't rip into him as a "conspiracy theorist."

I figure it's because it's Belfast.

The Irish have known since the Potato Famine (probably since the time of the druids, actually!) that there are giant conspiracies afoot. Talk of government conspiracy is probably family dinner conversation over there after 100s of years of the Brits messing with them.

For instance, almost all of the people indicted in high-profile group terror/conspiracy arrests and detentions in Northern Ireland from the 1970s and 80s have, after an unimaginably long stay in brutal prisons, have not only been exonerated, but much evidence has come to light that they were framed by MI5 and the British Military in (the now-familiar) false-flag operation (for instance, Operation Stakeknife in which dozens of UK citizens were allowed to die in terror attacks organised by their own mole).

The casualness of the Belfast Times article reminds me of how, when one interviews inner-city blacks in the US, a perfectly normal response would be, "Of course there's a giant conspiracy! They're stealing our votes, they're killing our leaders!"

Despite the establishment's constant lamenting that blacks are among the poorest, most under-educated people in America, they're actually some of the best-educated people in America! It's just been a very hard lesson that they have had to learn. Same goes for the Irish fighting for their rights under the heel of the British occupation.

There’s a good reason why nobody studies history, it just teaches you too much.” - Noam Chomsky


Penny said...

If only Chomsky would take his own saying, and give himself a reality check, sigh......

Enjneer said...

Totally, Penny.

Chomsky is an interesting character. He did more to open my eyes at the start of my journey than any single man, yet no-one resists the logical conclusion that we are being controlled by a cabal more than he. He even makes fun of those looking into the Kennedy assassination, let alone the 9/11 Truth scene.

Some people openly accuse him of being a shill, but I think he's from another time and only willing to go so far. He's caught in the intellectual web that he so vociferously derides himself!

Oh well, it's up to our generation to finish this anyway.