Sunday, May 25, 2008

There Is A Civil Way To Watch the Stars

If only the rest of the so-called "entertainment journalists" sounded like this:

Shania Twain's Domestic Unrest

This article does the same as most, starts with the issue, gives a quick background, and gives some conclusions - but there isn't a nasty, calloused, faux-friendly, sarcastic word in there.

Despite plenty of opportunity to gossip about why they are breaking up, and chances to make up new nicknames for Shania and Mutt, Mr. Flippo does exactly none of that. Instead he writes a glowing history of their careers and wishes them well. No need to write another article until Shania or Mutt decide to do something newsworthy.

If only all "star" press were like this. Can you imagine only hearing about Paris Hilton when she did something newsworthy?

Perhaps one day.

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