Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Ring To Rule Them All?

For many of you, the idea that an occult group might be behind all of the machinations in world history is too much to swallow. I know it was for me. Too X-Files to be true.

But as I have learned more by constantly studying history and government, it has come to seem as if nearly all of recorded history has been, to one extent or another, a lie. And not only a lie, but a lie that is a means to an end.

As I have reflected upon what that end could be, one can't help but start to feel that those at the very top cannot possibly believe what we believe. They are acting not only as ones with privilege could be expected to act, but they are acting as if they are a different species living on a different world (See my article: Rich Folks On Mars?).

One wonders what it takes to occupy the minds and souls and appetites of those who are so fantastically rich and powerful. We each, in our own experience, can attest to the depth of human hungers. We tend to want that which is forbidden and that which we cannot have. So what do you do when you have everything?

As evidence mounts, it seems more and more that these people, the true blue-bloods or the world, need to have their own society, religion and mores. And doesn't it just make sense? If you were a multi-billionaire with the power to dictate to nations' governments, what could possibly still interest you in religions that exalt the "meek?" What could possibly excite you about sexual liaisons when your wealth can afford you access to nearly any woman or man you wanted?
Evidence of strange religions/cults and perverse sexual practises has been steadily mounting (see videos: Conspiracy of Silence and Alex Jones's infiltration of Bohemian Grove). Since our culture - while seemingly "advanced" - it still in the Stone Age sexually (actually they were probably more easy-going about sex then) and spiritually, we are not comfortable talking about such things. We need to face them if we are to gain understanding of, and put a face on, the enemy.

Some researchers have (famously, in the case of David Icke) even gone so far as to suggest that these people are literally alien-reptilian/humans. For me, I don't see the proof of that yet. But I do see proof that these people act as if they believe they are a different species, with their own hidden religions.
Knowing what these people believe will allow us to predict their movements and manoeuvres. For instance, knowing the major religious and philosophical influences and beliefs in the US or Iran allows one to predict their actions in general.

Look at how religion and ritual bind everyday people together. Look how it has also been used to control us. If you could affect the same in the world's most powerful entities - you would then control them.

I must say, if I were some Dr. No figure, trying to take over the world, I would absolutely try to create an elitist , esoteric, occult religion to bind and glue the world's ruling class. I would hide this religion in the very symbols that the cattle castes pray to - but under different names and different understandings. I would supply rituals and rites that are appalling to the main population - that way I could always blackmail anyone who threatened to get out of line. Imagine if you were shown proof that, say, the Pope or the Queen were Satanists. They'd be done. It's sheer genius, really! It truly would be the "one ring to rule them all."
I would, in fact, be shocked (and disappointed in the ruling class for missing such an obvious power-grab) if it were not so.

Watch the following excellently made documentary with an open mind. Even if you reject the more esoteric parts, the information on globalist plans is worth the time spent so you can start thinking about what you can do to prepare and protect yourself and yours:

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