Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canadian Supreme Court Declares Guantanamo Illegal - Why Won't Anyone Say It?

Article: An unsurprising ruling affords cold comfort for Omar Khadr

t first, it didn't hit me at all. I read through three-quarters of the article before I got to this:

"a Supreme Court ruling that says Guantanamo Bay was essentially an illegal operation..."

I know, I know... you didn't hear that on the evening news either! But it's true. For the second time a country's Supreme Court has declared the Guantanamo Bay kidnapping/torture operation illegal.

Funny how the headline doesn't include that - seeing as headlines are supposed to convey the most important gist of the story in a sexy way. If I were the editor, I would have insisted on a front-page, gigantic headline stating: CDN Supreme Court: Guantanmo Bay Illegal!!!
Yet on this one and every other article I could find - even one from Al-Jazeera - they have boring titles:

Khadr gets tiny victory
Toronto Sun, Canada

Ottawa ordered to provide documents to Khadr
Globe and Mail

Supreme Court ruling a partial win for Omar Khadr

Canada Guantanamo detainee wins,

Notice how the ruling is down-played. Strange for a Supreme Court ruling.
Imagine if this had been about gay marriage or gun-control? We would have headed into days of front page headlines; clearly spelling out the legal ramifications for us. Because, ultimately, those kinds of glossy, intense "us against them" "debates" grab headlines, but, in the end, don't accomplish much. (For instance, after endless rounds of high-profile debate, has gay marriage been "solved" in your area yet? Didn't think so. Even when legislation does get passed, it gets overturned/ammended and the argument starts anew).

The Supreme Court defines our laws through their rulings. Just like in the US. They have declared that, because the detention and interrogation of Omar Khadr was illegal, Canada participated in an illegal activity by aiding the US government. This is HUGE, people!!!
Instead we are told by the headlines (which is as far as most people will go on this story) that this was just an "Unsurprising ruling," or a "small victory for Khadr." Bloody brilliant watching these people work. Now, who is going to stop what they're doing and listen intently about an "unsurprising ruling." No-one. That's right. Just freaks like you and me - the rarest of individuals who have the disease of Truthitis.

Canada is turning out to still hold many surprises for the Globalists. I'm not sure if, in the end, we can beat them - we are a possesion of the Queen's after all - but we'll sure as hell try.


Anonymous said...

That's because some people are capable of reading. What the SCC says pertains to a specific time period and makes reference to the rulings of the US Supreme Court. The US SC declared the proceedings illegal, the SCC just referred to it.

Enjneer said...

Yes, yes... I know what the ruling itself says.

My point is not what the ruling is legally. My point is how it is being portrayed to us!

If this had been a ruling that favoured the policies of neo-cons or corporations, they would have no problems making all sorts of giant announcements and conclusions from it.
I say if you were "capable of reading," you would have just read in my article how the very Globe & Mail journalist himself called it,

"a Supreme Court ruling that says Guantanamo Bay was essentially an illegal operation..."

So take back your petty insults, Mister-I'm-So-Brave-I-Post-Insults-Anonymously, or direct them to Mr. Akkad at the Globe & Mail. Because, obviously, I can read. You're the one who needs some extra time after class to catch up.

Anonymous said...

More power to the Canadian supreme court.

If only america had such decent, courageous, moral and ethical people instead of the psycopathic, mass murdering, war criminal, international terrorists that it does.

Enjneer said...

Thank you, anonymous (the 2nd one, obviously).

I do have to beg to differ - America is full of such people. It's mostly such people! They just don't get the truth and they don't get heard if they happen to.

Remember, it was the US supreme court that first declared Camp X-Ray illegal!

Anonymous said...

Even America's Evangelical church has abandoned God's will, telling members to buy bigger and trust in Bush and Cheney, even though they are everything from evil.

America has broken every commandment when it invaded Iraq and the average US Christian thinks they get a free pass because they are simply helping the "self-chosen" child killers of Israel.

Don't forget, my simple minded little fools, God has punished Israel before and will no doubt do so again, oh war whores of Babylon..

BlogNews said...

If it gets any worst here in the states , can I move to Canada . I can learn to like Hockey , promise .

Enjneer said...


All you have to do is pretend you can see the puck and you're in business.

We already have Americans coming in record amounts. Have been increasing steadily for years. And you're welcome to come.

Don't think it's going ot be much better here when it really hits the fan. Best to find somewhere really remote... with no shopping malls - to make your stand!