Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada

The Incredible Shrinking Terror Case

Up here in The Great White North, we are having our own experience with the terror-mongers. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is another of the neo-con Straussian faux tough-guys like the ones in Washington. And he's been trying - with much less success than his American overlords - to turn Canada into a modern, lawless dictatorship ruled by terror.

The problem that Harper's regime is having with Canada, though, is that we are mostly very easy-going. We tend not to hold grudges. We tend to be very open to new ideas. We tend to be empathetic to others. We insist on our personal privacy. We have never been very interested in empire-building. And, most of all, we have a tiny sliver of independent journalism still remaining (though that's almost gone over completely to American-style media conglomerate lie-mongering too).

Yesterday, even the mainstream media reported that the Crown Attorneys (District Attorneys for you American readers) were staying cases against four more of the so-called "Toronto 18." A stay means that there really wasn't a case against them to begin with. This is the second wave of stays in this case, bringing the fearful 18 down to 11. To get to the heart of this, we need to go back to 2004.

In the summer of 2006 the Anti-Terror Act was up for review, with the opposition parties calling for it to expire. Canada was openly questioning whether it was right to give up our liberties when it didn't seem that there was any real threat. Then, suddenly in June two weeks before the vote on the Act was due,
the RCMP arrested (without warrant under the 2002 Anti-Terror Act) 18 (or was it 17) Muslims in Toronto as a direct result of the suspects allegedly ordering several hundred pounds of fertilizer.

The TVs and front pages flared up with the story of the plot to drive a bomb-laden truck up the steps of Parliament, run in, kidnap and then behead the Prime Minister, and then blow up the Parliament Buildings. As if that were not enough, the "home-grown terrorists" were running a professional "terror training camp" in the countryside. "Home-grown terror!" "It can happen here!" "They hate our freedoms!" cried the media non-stop for precisely one week until some of the sketchy details of the arrests started to come out. Then they clammed right up.

What they didn't tell us at first was that RCMP surveillance of some of the suspects had begun three years earlier - with absolutely no leads developing: these kids were normal Canadian youth - some of them politically active and outspoken against out invasion of Afghanistan, but the RCMP could find no illegal activity.
What turned things around for the RCMP was the introduction of two Muslim moles: one, Mubin Shaikh, a cocaine-addicted, lifelong Air Cadet with a troubled past - he was also a CSIS agent (Canada's CIA); the other a man was also a well-paid (he asked for $40 million dollars) CSIS agent with a degree in horticulture who was on the skids. Each was paid millions of dollars by CSIS and RCMP for their services. These two then ingratiated themselves to the suspects and immediately started the process of entrapment. Shaikh has since stated publicly that many of the suspects are innocent. He has also admitted to snorting all the money he was paid up his nose and has been recently charged with assaulting two 12-year old girls!!!
It turns out that the fertilizer was ordered and paid for by the RCMP!In fact, it was the horticulturist mole who was the only one able to place the order, as a regular citizen ordering hundreds of pounds of fertilizer at once will be immediately reported to the RCMP! And it was delivered to a location that the RCMP rented and paid for- one block away from their regional headquarters! Now, you tell me what sophisticated terror network is going to devise a plot where they are based one block away from the national police force's HQ?!?

This is the third round of mass terror arrests in Canada. Each has preceded key events such as sending more troops to Afghanistan or voting on the Anti-Terror Act. In the previous two cases ALL the charges were thrown out of court, with brutal rulings from the bench damning the RCMP for ever arresting the suspects. We're well on our way to having all the charges against the 18 dropped.

This would be funny except for the fact that these unlawfully arrested young men, despite the flimsy evidence and exoneration of more than half of them, have all been kept in solitary confinement, sitting on a concrete floor for 23 and a half hours a day! We can all see that their charges are going to be dropped - but in the meantime they remain in these tortuous conditions, wasting their youth, in jail.

Our hearts go out to the families of these young men whose lives are being stolen from them at such a crucial age.

Post Script: Remember how Americans travelers have always been advised to sew Canadian maple leaves to their backpacks to gain goodwill when in foreign countries? We are losing that goodwill by acting as America's lackeys. We hope and pray that Canada - once arguably the best-loved country around the world - does not now become a target for hatred due to such imperial behavior.

For more info watch the recently released video, Unfair Dealings, which goes into the deep history of these illegal RCMP entrapments and both the RCMP and CSIS.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I have recently bought an acreage and are building a house up in Canada. We are emigrating from the states because we like the more tolerant and civilized culture up north.
We too have been troubled by the changes in police and government tactics in Canada in recent years, a US-influenced aggressiveness that has not translated down to the common folk. The corruption in the RCMP and CSIS is apparent. All I can say to Canadians is: (1) NEVER give up your paper ballot for electronic votescam; (2) get rid of your neocon politicians (yes I know the Liberals were crooked, so look at some of the minor parties); (3) rein in, prosecute and jail corrupt police; (4) remove the neocon influence from your media by breaking up cartels and re-establishing something like the old US Fairness Doctrine.
Good luck. I'm pulling for you: we're all in this together. :)



Anonymous said...

please....canada with it's restrictions on free speech...just like europe is way worse than the USA...

the USA is the sword of the zionist bankers like the rothschilds/warburgs/schiffs...and definitely appears worse because of this abuse....but at least we have some who are actively fighting this and we are free to talk about it....europe and canada you can go to jail for questioning the zionist banker role in communism, nazism, ....

USA is still the greatest country in the world, but most do not realize why...and we must consciously reclaim the liberty and freedom that made us so...not just blindly talk about it...and revealing the truth about the jewish mafia zionist bankers is the key

Anonymous said...

I live in the Toronto area and I cannot believe the path we are taking. Correction...I do believe it...there is certainly an agenda being played out. My parents who came here from Europe say North America (including Canada) has really changed. They are scared. To them the atmosphere is similar to Europe during WW2. I would think our senior Japanese citizens would agree that they have seen this type of persecution in Canada before. Didn't we just apologize to them?

We have our share of flunkies in CSIS (our CIA)and the RCMP (our FBI) who are probably relishing the opportunity to flex some muscle...score some points for their C.V. so they can be promoted. (yes I remember the type of high school students that went on to police careers...not very impressive)

Moral of the story - lawsuit - lawsuit - lawsuit. Sue these abusers for good coin.

Anonymous said...

Now from Florida, I lived 'across the river' from Canada all of my young life. I NEVER saw reason to disrespect Canada. Canada's problems are all new. Intolerance, fascism against free speech, and open immigration will kill that beautiful country. It is the bankers, the Bronfmans, and the 'usual suspects' who will destroy the beauty that was Canada. God bless you all. Please try to stay unique and free. Your's is an uphill battle. The fascist liberals are chewing at your neck. Please be safe. -sincerely, profnasty, Dave Mende

Anonymous said...

Corpo American owners have been working very hard to destroy my country from within. It's not that Canadians are slightly brighter or hold government more accountable for it's crimes. It's just that we don't have the mighty ego's that American's have to deal with. It's instilled everyday into your dough-like minds that you are still the best of the best, even though you torture and humiliate and shame other nations into submissio. You do so with a laugh and a smile and the love of Jesus in your hearts. Even America's welfare cases have ego's greater than kings.

A retired Judge, who was living in Ottawa at the time, had shared lots of information on the coming Free Trade Agreement back in the early 1990's to a friend of mine who's father was well within the elite circles.

Parts of what he was told to look out for..

[warning America would get our water tables, wood, set prices so that America would always get top choice and if ever the time America was in dire need of natural supplies, like oil/water and lumber, then America would get our supplies and Canadians would get 2nd.] Our own fucking resources would be given to American interests first!!

This is the kind of friend America's government has become. Seeing how you will so easily allow the slaughter of little Iraqi kids and allow it to still be called "Liberation" {and cheer} , if this is how crazy friendly American mothers speak, then who the hell needs enemies.

That Judge was very right about one thing, "Never turn our backs on America's leaders or they will surely stab us and say we did it to ourselves." So true.

We see the good you do America, we also see your kids killing each other in your schools , your drug ridden streets and self-worshipping politicians who give themselves big fat raises every year so you can feel safer.

Enjneer said...

Thanks for all your excellent comments. We can ll take heart that at least we are not alone and will not go into this night blindly.

Having said that, we MUST not focus on labels/races/religions factions as causes here! That is what they want us to do - waste time arguing about useless "isms."

Does anyone really think that these corporate robber-barons are really practising "Jews?" They couldn't give a rat's ass about religion. They pray to power. The fact that most of the top-tier individuals hide behind Jewry to achieve their goals cannot be used to condemn Judaism.
attacking "Jews" distracts from the real problem and only allows the banksters to use their favourite weapon: accusations of "antisemitism," which one of my astute readers above noted is now a felony in Europe.

Anonymous said...

It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of what is happening in Canada as regards some of the more extreme aspects of so-called conservatism. It is real and it is worrisome. But it is still difficult to convince the 'average joe' or any members of the MSM that could really sway public opinion. Whenever the subject is raised, there is always the expressed disbelief and accusations of paranoia. Even if someone is paranoid doesn't mean these things aren't happening.

Enjneer said...

Right you are!

"Paranoia" is a psycho-babble term invented for this very purpose. By the time that on is hearing voices and believing that someone is out to get them for no logical reason they can already be classified as any of a number of other true psychological illnesses.

"Paranoia" is one of the MSM's greatest weapons. Most of the "normal" world actually believes now that there are millions of people out there who are insane because they believe that corporations and governments collude and conspire for their own gains.

Anonymous said...

There's no denying our "hate speech" laws are tyrannical farces, but don't get too excited, we still have our Arthur Tophams and Henry Makows. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005," HR 2662, submitted by the ADL of America wasn't that far from passing. Similar legislation proposals have been tabled every year since and are getting closer and closer to passing.
There seems little opposition to tyranny of all sorts from either the left or right, so attributing the neoconiving of North America to a single political group is incorrect thinking.

Anonymous said...

UMARIKINs, y'all jess hfta b the bestest pple 'cause ya got a precedent like gee dubya. he's jess the bestest example about what y'all is about.

An' y'all gots the bestest milutary givin thu eye-rakis democracy just like y'all have at home

We here Can-eh!-dians jess don't have all y'all hav. We iz so backwoods.

Oh hell ... as a Canadian, I can talk about Zionists. And I can dis my UMARIKIN idjit neighbors like you!

Soon China will be farming labor out to the US sweat shops because your dollar isn't going to be worth a single rice grain.

Enjneer said...

UMARIKIN Guy - you're funny, but watch out how high you sit in that saddle.

True, Canada isn't leading the world into a brutal world dictatorship - it's even worse - we're following!

I think you are dead-on on one thing, though: China will be the new US and the once-affluent Americans will wake up one day to find themselves making microchips and jeans for the Chinese.

You failed to mention one thing, though: we will be right there with them. We will not be magically spared due to our Canadian-ness!

The people of America and Canada are brethren - either we stand together or we fall together. Canada needs to return to a metal standard for its coin and divest itself of all US control - so that we can help all North Americans when the storm comes!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. It isn't about focusing on certain ethnics.
It's about seeing beyond the carefully arranged scheme of things.
The people in America are suffering great financial losses and the burden of shame over the invasions and mounting deaths of people who did nothing to deserve to be tortured and killed other than not being the same religion.

The news should be preparing the public for what is to come, only the media is going with the Jerry Springer group.
The latest example of creating diversion is the totally scripted and well timed polygamy spin. Knowing they ( the polygamists) have been around for decades, the government controlled media decides to pick something that America will always draw focus on (sex and or sex) and acted on it.

First the home invasions. Then the sad mothers getting their say on camera's and next week will be the kids getting split up and put into adopted (ready made) households where the media gets away with another bogus diversion from the more sinister issues. The whole thing was well coordinated, probably in the A-list among other thousands of things government media can use to confuse. America, you are allowing the use of old time Nazi+Communist tactics that are destroying your freedom to think, when you allow other forces to conclude for you.

Anonymous said...

Canada will find out what it had to lose when it acts like the USA on the foreign stage and to its' people.
Canada be canada and let USA think you are out of step- and you can laugh when the USA is inevitably dead.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to really laugh about. America has been overthrown
(Bush was not elected) by thieves posing as politicans that stand and cheer the man, who will without a doubt go down in history (mark my words) as the most stupid, mentally deficient leader to ever ruin a country. And yet he is held in high regard.
So what does that say about America?

Pretty damn sad, if you ask me.

Lord Reptor said...

@anonymous #1: 1 - We've voted in pencil for years. Why waste money on electronic voting when you can cheat with a 50 cent eraser?

2. Welcome to Canuckistan. We've had a couple of refugees like you move into our little town (a very old, very small town on a biggish coastal rock out West and up North). They're cute. First they put up a really big Canadian flag on a nice new pole. Then, they started mowing down the neighbour's underbrush to fix their view (that was damn funny). Now, they're getting the groove - smile, wave, grunt, mind your own biz. They've even changed their national flag for a slightly smaller provincial one, which we are actually getting used to. Welcome, neighbours. Amazing how different our closely related cultures are. Good luck in the Northlands.

3. All police and politicians are corrupt and always have been. Ours are just still afraid of us a bit, and they should be. Trick for us was to leave Toronto to the bankers and slaves that inhabit it and move to a place where there are very few politicians or policemen. So peaceful that way, looking out for each other instead of over each other's shoulders.

PS - CSIS is either a joke or has the best cover in the world - our real secret police are the Mounties, and watch your step around those boys.

Hoping that all 300 million of you don't decide to move here,
Lord Reptor

Enjneer said...

Good stuff, Lord Reptor.

Although, I gotta say, It might be great if Canada filled up with millions of Americans who hate what has happened there. The US could be left to the idiots who support the War On Terror.
Canada would then be full of even more people who would fight to the end for liberty and privacy! We'd have a sizable army! :P

Anonymous said...


So how will your article read when the guilty ARE found as such?

How will your article read when you hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some?

Dont make the mistake the govt. did by assuming all were guilty. Dont make the mistake too many are making now by assuming all are innocent.

Stay tuned - this show is just gettin' started!


Mubin Shaikh

Enjneer said...

To 'Mubin Shaikh'

If that really is you... I guess there's no way to know for sure. I'm going to respond in the hopes that it is really you, and you ticked off the feature to send replies to your email. I'll also add the body of this to my blog.

I'd like to start by saying that I actually think you're brave coming out and speaking up about flaws in the case, for speaking out about your part in the sting, and for being honest about your history. I've seen you in interviews and you seem like a very likable guy - the kind of guy I could chill with at a Saturday BBQ.
Listen, I can't pretend to know all the details - as usual the RCMP are secretive about the details of this case - and you're one of the few who does know a lot of them - perhaps most. I only know what I can dig up for myself.

As for my skeptical attitude towards this case, you'll forgive my doubts in the light of the fact that this is the third such mass arrest - the other two cases were thrown out of court COMPLETELY with stern and warnings judgments from the bench against the tactics of RCMP, CSIS, and the Crown. As this case slowly falls apart, I expect no difference.

As for the Toronto 18 case that you worked on, the RCMP and CSIS watched these guys for TWO YEARS and nothing happened - until you two 'moles,' informants, whatever - came along. All of a sudden it's a fast track to fertilizer.

Surely you can't feel comfortable with these poor souls being kept in 23.5 hour-a-day solitary confinement. Remember, the ones just exonerated were kept in these conditions too.

If you really stop and do your homework, Mr. Shaikh, you will soon see that, in all likelihood, there is NO Al-Qaeda. There is no 'terrorist threat.' Especially to Canada. Until Afghanistan, what did we ever do to them? If there is a threat, it's only because we're over there busting into innocent people's houses and killing or torturing them.

Please watch the excellently researched and accurately reported English documentary, "The Power of Nightmares," and rethink this whoel line about Islamic terrorists coming for us in the night. This is not some indy, leftist propaganda piece - it is a report from mainstream English press and has been seen by millions.

You can find it here:

Keep in mind that if I had written similar articles about the previous stings on Pakistanis, I'd have been right. If I'd written one about the ones arrested in Florida - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Maher Arar - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Omar Khadr - I'd have been right. I could go on, but you get the picture.

You are right about one thing, though: Let's see how my article reads when all is said and done.

But, remember, the question for you would be: How will your life read if none of them is found guilty?

PS: Even if they are found guilty - that doesn't mean they did anything wrong. It just means that they wouldn't have won the court case. Two different things - especially when charged under the Anti-Terror Act and already having been tried on TV!

PPS: Should I be scared now? If you are Mubin Shaikh and you've seen my site, will I be reported to CSIS now as a home-grown terrorist? Under the Act I suppose they could come for me now.

Greg Bacon said...

Hey, didn't your CSIS and RCMP learn anything from the al-CIA-duh attacks of 9/11?

Hells Bells, when you want to frame some suspects to help further some jackbooted thugs ideas of a "New Fatherland", you need to leave evidence behind.

A car or two left close to one of the staged scenes, that has some connection to the "boogeymen" that is filled with bomb making manuals, maps to Parliament and a Koran or two is a nice start.

Be sure the "suspects" or someone who looks similar, is seen making a ruckus at a public place and if he/she/they also say some Arabic and threaten to blow some shit up is really a kicker.

Above all, make sure your CSIS agents follow the fall guys, closely so that the CSIS moles can get a feel for how the dupes act, so the CSIS moles can start imitating the "suspects."

And whatever you do, make damn sure that wherever the CSIS is planting evidence, make sure the CCTV cameras are "temporarily" off, so the public, like the cameras, will be in the dark.

The above tips should help your Dudley Do-Rights of the RCMP pull off a nice terrorist attack against Canada, while placing the blame for that act on the designated fall guys.

Enjneer said...

greg bacon:

Hear hear! Well put. Hopefully the RCMP will bungle your advice!

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you.

Yes, its me (again).

I have been trying to encourage people to pay attention to what comes out in court.

Its because of the secrecy surrounding the case that has lead the public to lower their confidence in the law enforcement and security agencies - myself included.

You talk about a lot of other points (most valid and even what I myself subscribe to). I am WELL aware of the other agendas at play - but we have to work within the crappy system we have. The only other choice we have is revolution....but one step at a time, eh? :)

Also, dont make the mistake of branding ALL police as corrupt - thats very wrong to say. We are in trying times and even the government goes through growing pains of its own sort.

In the end, it is my belief that The Divine will ultimately set things right.

Until then, we can all only work towards what is GOOD.



Enjneer said...


I find so many of your comments encouraging, Mubin. You seem to have developed some very healthy doubts about our current system here.

But, you are trying to justify your defence of these illegal arrests and the cruel treatment of the suspects by doing what so many do to those of us that have dissenting voices: you're not arguing with me based on facts; you're taking my words and arguing against some imagined, broad, sweeping statements that I did not make. I get this all the time.

To be clear:

I do not believe that all cops are corrupt! Far from it: I believe that most are full of best intentions. My father was RCMP and CSIS for 30+ years and he's the most honest man I have ever met.
Having said that, he chased non-existent communist threats in the 50s-80s. He believed whatever the government told him. Even though he was in the spy business, he refused to believe that intelligence agencies played dirty tricks on us. Were he working today, he'd be all for arresting "terrorists" without warrants.

So, to be clear: I do NOT believe that all cops are corrupt. I do NOT believe that ALL CSIS agents are corrupt. I do NOT believe that ALL of any institution are corrupt. I do not even believe that ALL terrorist suspects are innocent(I am perfectly willing - upon the release of overwhelming evidence - to believe that these suspects in Toronto ARE guilty!) but I must be presented with evidence that is undeniable and not tainted by entrapment or politics.

What are corrupt are the very top of the institutions themselves. The agendas are misguided and corrupt.

Remember, most Nazis were "good" people - working for what they believed to be the common good. It was the sick f#$ks at the top who decided the evil agenda. Same thing right now in Canada.

If we don't change our ways, we will be judged the same way Nazi Germany was by history. And I want to be on the record - however insignificantly - as being opposed to this regime of fear and hatred.


Anonymous said...

Peace Be Unto You

Hey thanks for your comment - a reasoned tone I like!

All I can say is that I do not underestimate what is "criminal extremism" by Muslims. I have been deeply involved in my community to know that there are guys who do would not reciprocate such a tone with you. They are real and they know how the system is to be played.

Yes, there are many underlying reasons for that (disenfranchisement, struggles of identity, effects of acculturation and culture conflicts in families etc.) BUT, the end result goes BOOM in an urban centre somewhere.

My interest is that people hear about REAL Islam ( and are two I like) and not be detracted by religious fanatics and secular psychos.

They BOTH push poisons of ignorance and hatred but frame it in such a way so as to be an elixir. People drink to their fill and all hell breaks loose.

Peace and not pieces - thanks.

Mubin Shaikh

Enjneer said...

Once again, to Mubin Shaikh,

I don't doubt for one second that there are some people so pissed at the West that they just might be truly planning acts of "terrorism."
While I would be horrified is one of these acts were to happen, I can't help but feel that there are far more important things that we, as Canadians have to face - like the destruction of our Charter, or the secret negotiations to merge us with the US and Mexico.
The reason that these are more important is simple - there haven't been ANY "terrorist" attacks! If these people are everywhere and planning all this crap - where are the attacks? Where are the announcements of impending attacks?
This is what gets me about all this and forces me to suspect black ops - not real, live Muslims - where are the public announcements meant to scare us to death? Where are the organisations that would love to take credit for scaring us? And what kind of terrorist organisation just sits there and does nothing for seven years?!??

I am old enough to remember all the plane hijackings and public bombings in the 70s and early 80s. Whenever those acts were perpetrated, instantly the groups responsible made clear, public announcements claiming credit and stated unequivocally why they did it and exactly what they wanted from the target government.

All of these things are completely missing from ALL "terrorist" attacks from 9/11 on. Completely. They have to drag up some shitty video of a someone who might not even be Osama talking vaguely about the 9/11 attacks. When, if it were true, Osama would have stood directly facing a high-quality DV camera and clearly made a statement to the world, outlining why he did it and what he expected from it.

So, to sum up: if all these scary Muslims are planning to kill us daily - where are they?!? Where are the attacks? Where is the "terrorism?!?"

Anonymous said...

My thirteen year old, in the gifted program in honor's band, an honor student, was handcuffed and led away in a police car after the son of a local policeman accused him of hurting him. He was put in a holding cell and then yelled at.

This boy and his friends have been bullying my son and my son's friends since the beggining of school.
If this isn't toronto police corruption, what is???
If this is