Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom Silver and gold guarantee freedom
ou can say that again!

To paraphrase from an Edward Griffin film:

In Roman times, an ounce of gold could buy:
  • A nice pair of thong sandals
  • A hand-made toga
  • A fine hat
2000 years later, an ounce of gold can buy:
  • A nice pair of hand-made leather shoes
  • A hand-sewn suit
  • A nice fedora
By contrast, in 1980 you could buy a suit for $150. Now you couldn't even get the shoes for that!
You see, the price of gold isn't really going up, the value of the fiat currency we use to buy it is tanking... BIG TIME.

Stick with metals! Our governments should be issuing coins only.


Penny said...

the fiat currency is tanking, because inflation is eroding the value of the currency.

While the value of gold will remain constant relative to inflation.

i saw a news story that the Brits are going to offer up 1 billion pounds to the British Banks.
This will feed the inflation monster, watch for the bank of Canada to drop rates to keep the economy afloat, which could also drive inflation.

we may all soon find ourselves impoverished.

Enjneer said...


We will all find ourselves impoverished, I believe. It must be the only logical conclusion: they're going to liquidate our currency - which will allow them to a) pass more sweeping, invasive legislation and b) bring in the North American Union and the Amero.

It's always easiest if you can get the public to beg for your solutions.

Then they'll finalise setting up China as the new Empire, replacing the US.

'Course, these are all guesses. I hope I'm wrong!

Thanks, Penny.

Penny said...

hey enjneer:

I have to correct my previous post response, it is 100 billion pounds for the bailout!

Impoverishment for us, enrichment for the very wealthy, a friend of mine calls it "wealth redistribution".

I agree with you on the liquidaton of currency, as a necessity, to facilitate a NA currency.

problem, reaction, solutin eh?

Enjneer said...


Good old PRS. Hegel would be proud.

I think we'll beOK for a while if we own a house (you can't own land legally in Canada - it's only leased from the Queen) and we have some precious metals in the basement. No matter how bad it gets, we should be able to get by - as long as they don't forcibly remove us ALL into camps 9I don't rule that out).