Thursday, April 03, 2008

And the Media Are Supposed To Be Our 'Watchdogs?!?'

We take a lot of heat sometimes for suggesting that today's corporate-owned shill media are not exactly fair and balanced. In fact, those who would have us live under a fascist state, like the neo-cons in the US and Conservatives in Canada, often complain about a non-existent "liberal media bias."

Perhaps you can easily dismiss regular folks like me as paranoid, knee-jerk amateurs. But how about Hugh Downs? He has an illustrious 40-yr TV career, with 21 consecutive years hosting ABC's 20/20 - perhaps one of the most blatantly Pro-business/Republican news magazines to hit the air (before Fox News came along). He has a school named after him at Arizona State University.

But, here he is in a recent interview, saying that corporate conglomerated ownership of media, "carries the imposition of an implicit philosophy on news production often coloring the choice of news stories and the treatment of them. This has led to underreporting or non-reporting of some important events and situations."

We have become inured to such statements. It just sounds like another view in another interview. But just think about what this paragon of mainstream journalism has said: Ownership of the media by giant corporations is making it harder to report the truth!

And we are laughed out of town when we suggest that there is a conspiracy to keep certain stories from the air. What is this if it is not a conspiracy?!?? Sure, Downs has couched a conspiracy in safe language, such as, "
"underreported," and, "Non-reported."

Just which stories are being "underreported?" "Non-reported?!?" Imagine the possibilities...

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