Sunday, April 20, 2008

Truth Package Machine: The Columbine Massacre Unravels

Truth Package Machine: The Columbine Massacre Unravels

I have always felt the same way about not only Columbine, but all the other campus mass-shootings.

The one in Montreal a couple years ago was especially weird. I can't find the original reports anymore, but I watched it all unfold live and at first, media reported that there were several shooters; then that there was a standoff with the shooter; then that there was one and he was in custody; then that the shooter had committed suicide.

Just like 7/7 in London, police were on the scene en masse within 5 minutes. No-one in the media thought to ask the Surété du Québec how they all managed to get there so quickly.

Of course, he was quickly identified and came with a complete psychiatric history within hours of the shooting. Another standard patsy.

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom Silver and gold guarantee freedom
ou can say that again!

To paraphrase from an Edward Griffin film:

In Roman times, an ounce of gold could buy:
  • A nice pair of thong sandals
  • A hand-made toga
  • A fine hat
2000 years later, an ounce of gold can buy:
  • A nice pair of hand-made leather shoes
  • A hand-sewn suit
  • A nice fedora
By contrast, in 1980 you could buy a suit for $150. Now you couldn't even get the shoes for that!
You see, the price of gold isn't really going up, the value of the fiat currency we use to buy it is tanking... BIG TIME.

Stick with metals! Our governments should be issuing coins only.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Open Letter To An RCMP Terrorist Mole

I received many great comments about my last post about the Canadian Toronto 18 case and the potentially bogus sting operation that entrapped the suspects. The most interesting had to be one (purportedly) from the main paid RCMP/CSIS informant himself, Mubin Shaikh. He wrote:

"So how will your article read when the guilty ARE found as such?
How will your article read when you hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some?
Dont (sic) make the mistake the govt. did by assuming all were guilty. Dont (sic) make the mistake too many are making now by assuming all are innocent.
Stay tuned - this show is just gettin' started!


Mubin Shaikh"

Below is my response to Mr. Shaikh:

"To 'Mubin Shaikh' (If that really is you... I guess there's no way to know for sure. I'm going to respond in the hopes that it is really you),

I'd like to start by saying that I actually think you're brave coming out and speaking up about flaws in the case, for speaking out about your part in the sting, and for being honest about your history. The other mole has kept silent. I've seen you in interviews and you seem like a very likable guy - the kind of guy I could chill with at a Saturday BBQ. Having said that, I feel the same way about George Bush!

Listen, I can't pretend to know all the details - as usual the RCMP are secretive about the details of this case - and you're one of the few who does know a lot of them - perhaps most. I only know what I can dig up for myself.

First off, I am most definitely not making a mistake in "assuming all are innocent" - I have to assume all are innocent under the Canadian Charter of Rights. Anyone who does not is not being a true Canadian. It is up to the Crown to show that they are guilty, and until they do they are completely innocent in my books.

And perhaps you'll forgive my doubts about this case in the light of the fact that this is the third such Canadian mass arrest - the other two cases were thrown out of court COMPLETELY with stern judgments and
warnings from the bench against the tactics of RCMP, CSIS, and the Crown. As this case slowly falls apart, I expect no different.

As for the Toronto 18 case that you worked on, the RCMP and CSIS watched these guys for TWO YEARS and without a single chargeable offence occurring - until you two 'moles,' informants, whatever - came along. All of a sudden it's a fast track to fertilizer.

I find it disturbing that you would call this affair a "show," with these poor souls being kept in 23.5 hour-a-day solitary confinement. Remember, the ones just exonerated were kept in these conditions too.

As for how my, "article [will] read when [I] hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some..." You must understand, I do not care if any of these boys were saying scary things. People say scary things every day - even more so about hot topics like this "war on terror" and other political hot potatoes. Canada is a free country and I will fight to the death to allow anyone to say whatever they bloody-well please - no matter how scary or even depraved. It doesn't matter what these people allegedly said!

If you really stop and do your homework, Mr. Shaikh, you will soon see that, in all likelihood, there is NO Al-Qaeda. There is no 'terrorist threat.' Especially to Canada. Until Afghanistan, what did we ever do to them? If there is a threat, it's only because we're over there busting into innocent people's houses and killing or torturing them.

Please watch the excellently researched and accurately reported English documentary, "The Power of Nightmares," and rethink this whole line about Islamic terrorists coming for us in the night. This is not some indy, leftist propaganda piece - it is a report from mainstream English press and has been seen by millions.

You can find it here:

Keep in mind that if I had written similar articles about the previous two stings on the Pakistanis, I'd have been right. If I'd written one about the ones arrested in Florida - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Maher Arar - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Omar Khadr - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about the "liquid bombers" in London - I'd have been right. I could go on, but you get the picture.

You are right about one thing, though: Let's see how my article reads when all is said and done. But, remember, the question for you would be:

How will your life 'read,' having turned these people in, if none of them is found guilty?

PS: Even if they are found guilty - that doesn't mean they did anything wrong. It just means that they wouldn't have won the court case. Two different things - especially when charged under the Anti-Terror Act and already having been tried on TV!

PPS: Should I be scared now? If you are Mubin Shaikh and and you work for CSIS and you've seen my site, will I be reported to CSIS now as a home-grown terrorist? Under the Anti-Terror Act I suppose they could come for me now."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada

The Incredible Shrinking Terror Case

Up here in The Great White North, we are having our own experience with the terror-mongers. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is another of the neo-con Straussian faux tough-guys like the ones in Washington. And he's been trying - with much less success than his American overlords - to turn Canada into a modern, lawless dictatorship ruled by terror.

The problem that Harper's regime is having with Canada, though, is that we are mostly very easy-going. We tend not to hold grudges. We tend to be very open to new ideas. We tend to be empathetic to others. We insist on our personal privacy. We have never been very interested in empire-building. And, most of all, we have a tiny sliver of independent journalism still remaining (though that's almost gone over completely to American-style media conglomerate lie-mongering too).

Yesterday, even the mainstream media reported that the Crown Attorneys (District Attorneys for you American readers) were staying cases against four more of the so-called "Toronto 18." A stay means that there really wasn't a case against them to begin with. This is the second wave of stays in this case, bringing the fearful 18 down to 11. To get to the heart of this, we need to go back to 2004.

In the summer of 2006 the Anti-Terror Act was up for review, with the opposition parties calling for it to expire. Canada was openly questioning whether it was right to give up our liberties when it didn't seem that there was any real threat. Then, suddenly in June two weeks before the vote on the Act was due,
the RCMP arrested (without warrant under the 2002 Anti-Terror Act) 18 (or was it 17) Muslims in Toronto as a direct result of the suspects allegedly ordering several hundred pounds of fertilizer.

The TVs and front pages flared up with the story of the plot to drive a bomb-laden truck up the steps of Parliament, run in, kidnap and then behead the Prime Minister, and then blow up the Parliament Buildings. As if that were not enough, the "home-grown terrorists" were running a professional "terror training camp" in the countryside. "Home-grown terror!" "It can happen here!" "They hate our freedoms!" cried the media non-stop for precisely one week until some of the sketchy details of the arrests started to come out. Then they clammed right up.

What they didn't tell us at first was that RCMP surveillance of some of the suspects had begun three years earlier - with absolutely no leads developing: these kids were normal Canadian youth - some of them politically active and outspoken against out invasion of Afghanistan, but the RCMP could find no illegal activity.
What turned things around for the RCMP was the introduction of two Muslim moles: one, Mubin Shaikh, a cocaine-addicted, lifelong Air Cadet with a troubled past - he was also a CSIS agent (Canada's CIA); the other a man was also a well-paid (he asked for $40 million dollars) CSIS agent with a degree in horticulture who was on the skids. Each was paid millions of dollars by CSIS and RCMP for their services. These two then ingratiated themselves to the suspects and immediately started the process of entrapment. Shaikh has since stated publicly that many of the suspects are innocent. He has also admitted to snorting all the money he was paid up his nose and has been recently charged with assaulting two 12-year old girls!!!
It turns out that the fertilizer was ordered and paid for by the RCMP!In fact, it was the horticulturist mole who was the only one able to place the order, as a regular citizen ordering hundreds of pounds of fertilizer at once will be immediately reported to the RCMP! And it was delivered to a location that the RCMP rented and paid for- one block away from their regional headquarters! Now, you tell me what sophisticated terror network is going to devise a plot where they are based one block away from the national police force's HQ?!?

This is the third round of mass terror arrests in Canada. Each has preceded key events such as sending more troops to Afghanistan or voting on the Anti-Terror Act. In the previous two cases ALL the charges were thrown out of court, with brutal rulings from the bench damning the RCMP for ever arresting the suspects. We're well on our way to having all the charges against the 18 dropped.

This would be funny except for the fact that these unlawfully arrested young men, despite the flimsy evidence and exoneration of more than half of them, have all been kept in solitary confinement, sitting on a concrete floor for 23 and a half hours a day! We can all see that their charges are going to be dropped - but in the meantime they remain in these tortuous conditions, wasting their youth, in jail.

Our hearts go out to the families of these young men whose lives are being stolen from them at such a crucial age.

Post Script: Remember how Americans travelers have always been advised to sew Canadian maple leaves to their backpacks to gain goodwill when in foreign countries? We are losing that goodwill by acting as America's lackeys. We hope and pray that Canada - once arguably the best-loved country around the world - does not now become a target for hatred due to such imperial behavior.

For more info watch the recently released video, Unfair Dealings, which goes into the deep history of these illegal RCMP entrapments and both the RCMP and CSIS.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

If We Had Memories, We'd Remember The 30s

As thousands of poor souls are trying to get their retirement money back after the collapse of asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) notes, I have mixed feelings for them.

On the one hand, these are regular, hard-working, trusting individuals who thought they were investing conservatively in what amounted to a sure thing. These people have been directed by financial advisers, banks, money managers, etc, to invest in these "low-risk" investments after watching ads showing their friendly, non-threateningly pudgy banker as someone who can "join the family," or "earn your trust."

On the other hand, I am tempted to say that they got what they deserved. As callous as that sounds, it is true: the information has been out there for all to find that there is no such thing as a low-risk investment and that this - or any other disappearance of investment capital can happen at any time without warning. More to the point: that it is part of a deliberate scheme that has repeated throughout history.

Now, to be fair, if only truthful history and finance were taught in school, or if these subjects were covered regularly and truthfully in our news media, I'm sure that almost none of these people would have invested in the first place. Who would invest their hard-earned in a system that is set up to steal it?

Historically, in the good times the stock market is a place of complicated and exclusive dealings of the super-elite.
Then, suddenly, one sees a massive increase in the baiting of average Joes to get into the stock market. Take the massive increase in financial services advertising in the last ten years - or, especially, in hugely misleading and baiting day-trader advertising - services such as E-Trade have exploded out of the gates, getting their services up and running almost as soon as the servers for the commercial Internet were built, then dropping ads that male you feel as if using E-trade will make you rich overnight (when, in fact, just like any form of gambling, the vast majority of investors lose money to the house in the long run).

This type of baiting has only meant one thing in history: CRASH. The common people are used to float the boat as high as it will go, then they are liquidated when it sinks. The attempted bail outs of the 30s, 80s, and 90s (and soon the 2000s) accomplished nothing - the market still ended up bottoming out - except protecting the paycheques and payouts to the boards of the corporate perpetrators of these scams.
The Bear-Stearns and S&Ls of the world are bailed out - while Average Joe is screwed. People's entire portfolios (and even cash bank accounts) are liquidated.

Perhaps now people will wake up, learn about how these banksters are scamming them, remove all their money from the fiat banking system, and buy silver and other precious metals. Because, when it hits the fan, you'll still be able to buy clothes and food with silver.

Don't believe us? Just try buying anything with your ABCP investment now!

And the Media Are Supposed To Be Our 'Watchdogs?!?'

We take a lot of heat sometimes for suggesting that today's corporate-owned shill media are not exactly fair and balanced. In fact, those who would have us live under a fascist state, like the neo-cons in the US and Conservatives in Canada, often complain about a non-existent "liberal media bias."

Perhaps you can easily dismiss regular folks like me as paranoid, knee-jerk amateurs. But how about Hugh Downs? He has an illustrious 40-yr TV career, with 21 consecutive years hosting ABC's 20/20 - perhaps one of the most blatantly Pro-business/Republican news magazines to hit the air (before Fox News came along). He has a school named after him at Arizona State University.

But, here he is in a recent interview, saying that corporate conglomerated ownership of media, "carries the imposition of an implicit philosophy on news production often coloring the choice of news stories and the treatment of them. This has led to underreporting or non-reporting of some important events and situations."

We have become inured to such statements. It just sounds like another view in another interview. But just think about what this paragon of mainstream journalism has said: Ownership of the media by giant corporations is making it harder to report the truth!

And we are laughed out of town when we suggest that there is a conspiracy to keep certain stories from the air. What is this if it is not a conspiracy?!?? Sure, Downs has couched a conspiracy in safe language, such as, "
"underreported," and, "Non-reported."

Just which stories are being "underreported?" "Non-reported?!?" Imagine the possibilities...