Saturday, March 15, 2008

White-Collar COPS?

In all the years of so-called "investigative journalism," especially "crime journalism," no-one has ever done a series on corporate crime?
I'd like to pitch an idea for a TV show (all rights reserved, in case there are any TV producers haunting this blog!!!):

How about a one-hour crime doc on A&E (in the spirit of American Justice, or Crime 360) except, instead of focussing on working-class and poor street criminals, they focus exclusively on white-collar criminals?!?

White-collar, or corporate crime and fraud cost the US alone, way back in 1990, $100 Billion per year! Imagine what it is now? And this doesn't include things like the savings & loan scandal that hit right after that! That "scandal" alone will cost the US taxpayers $1.4
Trillion!!! That is 1.4 thousand thousand million dollars! The cost of all street-level crime for any decade added-up does not come close to this one crime alone!

So, let's get a TV show going! Let's follow around a different community's Corporate Crime Task Force each week.... eh, what's that? Your community doesn't have a Corporate Crime Task Force? Wait... let me do a Google search...
Ok, I was unable to find a Corporate Crime Task Force. Isn't that odd?

So, scrap that idea.

We'll pick up cold case files of all the biggest ongoing investigations into corporate crimes... Hunh? What now? You say all the records for the biggest investigations in the States were housed in the SEC's offices in World Trade Center 7... and that it collapsed on its own on September 11th, 2001 destroying said records? Shit!

Maybe we'll just forget it. I understand that the focus should be on how
any neighbor of mine might be a rapist or child-abductor; how blacks and Hispanics and Muslims are just waiting for their chance to mug me or go Jihad on me. If I'm not reminded of this every night, I might forget!

And what kind of world would we live in if I wasn't afraid of everybody?

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