Sunday, March 09, 2008

See? It's Not Just "Conspiracy Nuts!"

A.P. Chief Warns of Erosion of Freedoms

Every time I make an accusation of a "restricted," or "corporate-controlled," or "hamstrung" media, people glaze over. They react as if I am over-reacting!

The above link shows clearly that even the most mainstream journalists are finding the erosion of their freedoms unbearable.

5 uber-rich men own ALL the major TV and print media in the "Western democracies." That is a
fact - not a "conspiracy theory." Almost all of the media conglomerate corporations that own your nightly news also are directly benefiting from the "War On Terror" because they also own defence contracting firms, engineering firms and high-tech security firms. What are the chances of them reporting anything that would seriously jeopardise their war profits?!?

This is no "conspiracy theory:" just fact. This fact is more commonly known as:
conflict of interest. In other walks of life, for instance, judges are expected to recuse themselves from hearing a trial if they have any personal stake in the outcome. We need to demand that these media super-corporations divest themselves of their other interests - and be forced, by law, to only own media companies.
Better yet, ignore the nightly news and find your own sources - on the 'Net - where you can double-check and independently verify each claim made in any article.

We need to stop and ponder what all this really means about the "news" we receive every night.
For all we know, there is not a shred of truth to
any of it!

All the more reason to walk away from the mainstream media "news."

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