Saturday, March 15, 2008

Run For Tha Hillz!!!

I wish it weren't so, but this guy is right...

"Clean 'Em, Load 'Em, Stack 'Em, and Prepare to Use 'Em!"

For so many years, I was influenced by the neo-liberal agenda, as so many young folk are, and I thought that "guns are bad." As I have grown up and observed how the world really works, I realise that, if it came down to it, I would need a gun to protect myself and my family - not from "criminals" on the streets - but rather from my own govenment, should they get too big for their boots.

With the passage in the US and Canada of so-called anti-terror legislation - which is really just legislated dictatorship, there is every possibility that people like me, just for posting my (unpopular) views publicly, could be identified as "potential domestic terrorists," arrested without warrant, refused legal representation, have my property seized and my children become wards of the state...

That mountain shack is looking more and more inviting each day!

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