Saturday, March 15, 2008

Iran Doesn't Strike Me As Being That Bad...

Reuters: Jews Vote In Iran Election

You know, for all the grief that the US and its allies (including Canada, unfortunately) are constantly giving Iran, my detailed studies of the country since its Islamic revolution show that it is really not that bad of a place (relatively speaking, of course - you couldn't pay me to live in a religious state of any kind)!
Iran, while overwhelmingly Muslim, harbours sizable Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian communities - each of which claims no significant discrimination or harassment!

The supposed "anti-semitic" statements attributed to their president were all taken out of context and/or distorted to make it sound as if he wants to kill all Jews. When you see his comments in-context they are hardly shocking coming from a country which is threatened with extinction regularly by Israel (who, of course, is allowed to randomly threaten whomever they wish!). Amenijad was only calling for Israel's political leadership to be "wiped from the map." Big difference. Opposing Israel, a political entity, has nothing to do with irrational hatred of Judaism - a religion.

In the war against Iraq (where Iraq was really just a client substitute for the USA - who were too chicken to fight Iran themselves), Iran was the victim. They had high moral standards for their troops, and even refused to cross into Iraq's sovereign territory for the first years of the war. Of course, over here, Iran was portrayed as the aggressor, and this stigma has lasted ever since.

We can clearly see that Iran respects other ethnic groups and religions within its borders. We have also seen that, time and time again, Iran has proven to be telling the truth concerning its civilian nuclear programs. Amenijad even sent a personal letter to George Bush asking for a dialog to be opened - it was completely ignored by the Americans.

How evil could Iran really be? Who really is the aggressor?

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