Sunday, March 16, 2008

In A Shocking Development... Morgan To Buy Stearns

JPMorgan says to buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share (sic)

This is exactly how the banksters make their fortunes expand over the years - they cause massive financial "crises," then buy up the most affected banks, insurance houses, and other corporations for pennies on the dollar.
That the SEC won't investigate this and other similar events shows their implicit involvement in these schemes.

What really burns my behind is that these corporations and their founders & CEOs are sold to us as "paragons of free-market capitalism," when in fact, they are communists - the biggest, baddest commies around!

"Morgan, a communist?!?" you say, "But he's a
paragon of free-market capitalism!"

Notice that, in this transaction, JP Morgan is being helped by the Fed. They're getting $30 billion in underwriting on this deal! And this is after the Fed has given billions to shore up several of these lending-shark corporations!

When decent working people are laid off from these corporations, what happens when people demand protection and job security? They are told that they are simply victims of the "market," and that it would be "socialist," or "communist" to receive reimbursement or social protection of their jobs and income!
But when it's in the form of handouts to corporations, somehow it's not communism.

We have to stop getting dragged into these black & white debates about "free-markets" and "communism" and decide for ourselves what is good for our own communities. The debate is rigged - and guess who it's rigged in favour of?

Not you.


Don Robertson, The American Philosopher said...

Yup. The fire sale has begun. And you know who is first at the table at this flea market. That's right. America's big banks are having a feeding frenzy.

Dump commodities. (Nobody's got no f-ing money to buy commodities after this deal. The whole world just got short changed with the Bear Stearns deal.)

Buy dollars and big American bank stocks. The US capitalists are sucking the world dry of capital in every currency.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

Enjneer said...

Better yet, buy silver! Gold's OK too, but I fear it is GREATLY over-valued and the horders (also the big bankster families) might flood the market.

Enjneer said...

BTW Don,

Fascinating site you have at:

It will take a while, but I'll to delve into that e-book you're writing.

Nice art too!

bduffy said...

"Buy dollars and big American bank stocks"? Wouldn't that be the worst thing to buy?

Anonymous said...

The US is neither Capitalist nor Democratic. It is a Nationalist Socialist state. Americans are the stupidest and most evil people on earth. They deserve all the bad things that are starting to happen to them, and more.

Anonymous said...

yes, the real reasons behind the economic system THEY created needs to be shouted from every rooftop.

It's about consolidating all the assets and power into the hands of the globalists.

This is the steps toward the North American Union and the amero, where practically overnight the USA will disappear.

It's no cooincidence that JP Morgan and Chase (the rothschilds bank) are getting this qsweetheart deal, from the Fed (which the rothschilds own that too. The rothschilds are also the vatican's bankers and the Israeli flag carries the mark of rothschild.


Enjneer said...

Now now, anonymous...

I lived in the US - in Washington DC, no less (though some would argue that , legally, DC is NOT in America) - and Americans are the same as the lot of us.
I went to high school there. The history that they are taught is all mythology and lies. Kids grow up hamstrung by their schooling.
Many Americans - by the millions - opposed the war in Iraq and many (perhaps most) now believe that 911 was an inside job. They are awaking from their slumber - slow but sure.
Remember, Alex Jones is an American. Loose Change is an American film.
Let's not get lost in any more nationalistic hatred.
It is the banksters and their corporatocracies that we should be directing our well-earned anger towards!

Enjneer said...

Well said, anonymous #2! Couldn't agree more!

I'm going to check out that URL you posted.