Monday, March 03, 2008

Everyone's A Critic (But Where Are They?)

As many of us have heard, Marie Cotillard believes what millions of us around the world do: that we have been lied to about aspects of 9/11 . Comparisons to Rosie Odonnell spring to mind.

In Rosie's case - the first out-in-open, detailed criticism of the 9/11 Commission and the US's War On Terror - the Mainstream Media (MSM) actually undertook a massive smear campaign (including high-profile TV personalities calling for Rosie's DEATH).

Now, after showing what happens to dissidents, they don't even have to be bothered to go through with it. All that are needed are "hints" of "controversy;" or that the star will be "facing harsh criticism;" or "a backlash."

Note in the following links that, in the headlines, Mme. Cotillard is said to be facing criticism or a backlash, but no such criticism is actually leveled toward her by anyone! The shills at these corporate-owned hegemons simply insinuate that Cotillard is about to be fed to the wolves - and that she must be insane. Usually, when there is controversy, there is no lack of the criticism leveled against those causing controversy - but where is the criticism?

Notice also the inclusion of "did-we-go-to-the-moon" doubts at the very end - just to make her look more loony. That she is French is just icing on the cake. (For those of you not familiar with the French-hate in the USA, the current regime has fostered hatred for the French - their greatest ally in the war of independence - ever since they rightly refused to help with the illegal invasion of Iraq).
Don't believe me? Check this out.
Cotillard Has Regret About 9/11 Remarks

This one is an example of all the above and more. Note the final paragraph.
Conspiracy beliefs come back to haunt Marion Cotillard

"Cotillard is well known for believing in the fantastic. In her Oscar acceptance speech she said that her best-actress victory was proof "there is some angels" in Los Angeles."

This is pure smear! First off, it is absolutely mainstream in America to believe in angels. You will not see this paper attacking any middle-America Christians or Jews for their belief in angels. Not to mention, she is arguably not even voicing such a belief - Los Angeles means, "The Angels." Cotillard was making a good-natured and clever pun!
As for being "well known for believing in the fantastic," the Oscars were a week ago. This hardly constitutes a pattern of belief in the fantastic.

Note the complete lack of any criticism!!! Yet the titles of these articles would have you believe that there was some terrible storm of controversy created by her remarks!

Shame on you, Tom O'Neil and the LA Times.

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