Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elliot Spitzer's True Crime - Honesty?

Elliot's Mess

Often, when I complain about the double standards in justice - one standard for rich white folk, another for everyone else - I am given examples, such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, Conrad Black's trial, in which powerful rich white folk are brought to justice. They're just like everyone else!

Take Elliot Spitzer (please): he would seem, on the surface, to be a shining example of how no-one is above the law. He committed a crime and he has been caught. Add to this his public humiliation and it's all the better.

But did you know that Spitzer was in the process of suing all those predatory-lending banks that are now responsible for the "sub-prime" crisis in the States that threatens another Great Depression?!?

Bush's people fought and slandered Spitzer hard - but he would not back down. Could it be that they finally found a way to make him back down? Like, blackmail?

Read yet another excellent article from Greg Palast on the subject: Elliot's Mess

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bduffy said...

Whoa! That's interesting! Leave it to you to find the motive behind this latest "scandal"! As if all of these politicians aren't crotch-deep in hookers; but they can *ahem* pull it out when they need to blackmail someone...