Friday, February 29, 2008

Israel Always Gets Its Man! (Or its one-year old baby)

Gaza child, bombmaker die in Gaza missile strikes

I'm impressed at the skill displayed in writing this article.

There is no independent verification of the occupation of the "militant;" it is taken at face value that, of course, the Israelis would only target a "bombmaker." But looking at the article literally, it says "munitions expert." That could mean anything - but "bombmaker" sounds so... so... Al Qaeda, doesn't it?

Also to be admired is how, in order to get the last word in at the very end of the article, "some" unnamed "residents" claim that "militant's" rockets fired at Israel have "fallen short;" implying that the stupid Arabs did it to themselves.

Reuters (which also owns Associated Press) is owned by the Rockefellers - a consistently pro-Zionist family of unimaginable power and influence.

Will the Palestinians ever receive justice?

Prime minister denies his party tried to bribe late MP

Prime minister denies his party tried to bribe late MP

This keeps on happening in Canada - not to mention the rest of the "free world:" We suddenly feel that we need some tough-talking cowboy to "make Canada's presence" stronger, and get "tough on crime," and "co-operate in the War On Terror."

What we seem to so quickly forget is that every single one of these Conservative governments - from provincial to federal level - has proven* to:

a) massively increase debt
b) undermine national (or provincial) sovereignty
c) lie, steal, and bribe
d) give out billions in corporate welfare
e) support and/or participate in war crimes of and with the USA

Here's a suggestion for the next time you're at the polls, Canadians:


*Without bias, look at the governments of (federal) Brian Mulroney who gave us the treasonous North American Free Trade Agreement, (provincial) Mike Harris who instituted so-called "Workfare" and defecit-spent Ontario into a recession, and Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien who is under investigation for bribery charges of his own.