Wednesday, September 03, 2008

South Ossetia - Israeli Air Base?!?

My friends and I had been trying to figure out this latest 'conflict' in Georgia's South Ossetia... I must admit, that, while I do not find sabre-rattling at Russia surprising (the only time that the USA treated Russia kindly was when Boris Yeltsin allowed the USA and its allies to rape Russia!) - We sure did not see this one coming.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

If You Had Any Doubts That You Were Alone In All This...

Who woulda thunk? From such a non-threatening, mainstream band!

I'm amazed that they didn't slander him. They certainly didn't support his statements, but, for once, they just presented the views and let the object of the article be. A previously unaware reader might even be tempted to look into Corrs's allegations - seeing as how they didn't rip into him as a "conspiracy theorist."

I figure it's because it's Belfast.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The New Tactics of Terror...

That's it! We give up!

How can we fight such a fiendish, techno-foe - their latest weapon?

The bicycle bomb.

Not only do they hate our freedom - they hate our Schwinns. They are a fearsome, highly evolved enemy with technology so advanced... how can we win?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Ring To Rule Them All?

For many of you, the idea that an occult group might be behind all of the machinations in world history is too much to swallow. I know it was for me. Too X-Files to be true.

But as I have learned more by constantly studying history and government, it has come to seem as if nearly all of recorded history has been, to one extent or another, a lie. And not only a lie, but a lie that is a means to an end.

As I have reflected upon what that end could be, one can't help but start to feel that those at the very top cannot possibly believe what we believe. They are acting not only as ones with privilege could be expected to act, but they are acting as if they are a different species living on a different world (See my article: Rich Folks On Mars?).

One wonders what it takes to occupy the minds and souls and appetites of those who are so fantastically rich and powerful. We each, in our own experience, can attest to the depth of human hungers. We tend to want that which is forbidden and that which we cannot have. So what do you do when you have everything?

As evidence mounts, it seems more and more that these people, the true blue-bloods or the world, need to have their own society, religion and mores. And doesn't it just make sense? If you were a multi-billionaire with the power to dictate to nations' governments, what could possibly still interest you in religions that exalt the "meek?" What could possibly excite you about sexual liaisons when your wealth can afford you access to nearly any woman or man you wanted?
Evidence of strange religions/cults and perverse sexual practises has been steadily mounting (see videos: Conspiracy of Silence and Alex Jones's infiltration of Bohemian Grove). Since our culture - while seemingly "advanced" - it still in the Stone Age sexually (actually they were probably more easy-going about sex then) and spiritually, we are not comfortable talking about such things. We need to face them if we are to gain understanding of, and put a face on, the enemy.

Some researchers have (famously, in the case of David Icke) even gone so far as to suggest that these people are literally alien-reptilian/humans. For me, I don't see the proof of that yet. But I do see proof that these people act as if they believe they are a different species, with their own hidden religions.
Knowing what these people believe will allow us to predict their movements and manoeuvres. For instance, knowing the major religious and philosophical influences and beliefs in the US or Iran allows one to predict their actions in general.

Look at how religion and ritual bind everyday people together. Look how it has also been used to control us. If you could affect the same in the world's most powerful entities - you would then control them.

I must say, if I were some Dr. No figure, trying to take over the world, I would absolutely try to create an elitist , esoteric, occult religion to bind and glue the world's ruling class. I would hide this religion in the very symbols that the cattle castes pray to - but under different names and different understandings. I would supply rituals and rites that are appalling to the main population - that way I could always blackmail anyone who threatened to get out of line. Imagine if you were shown proof that, say, the Pope or the Queen were Satanists. They'd be done. It's sheer genius, really! It truly would be the "one ring to rule them all."
I would, in fact, be shocked (and disappointed in the ruling class for missing such an obvious power-grab) if it were not so.

Watch the following excellently made documentary with an open mind. Even if you reject the more esoteric parts, the information on globalist plans is worth the time spent so you can start thinking about what you can do to prepare and protect yourself and yours:

There Is A Civil Way To Watch the Stars

If only the rest of the so-called "entertainment journalists" sounded like this:

Shania Twain's Domestic Unrest

This article does the same as most, starts with the issue, gives a quick background, and gives some conclusions - but there isn't a nasty, calloused, faux-friendly, sarcastic word in there.

Despite plenty of opportunity to gossip about why they are breaking up, and chances to make up new nicknames for Shania and Mutt, Mr. Flippo does exactly none of that. Instead he writes a glowing history of their careers and wishes them well. No need to write another article until Shania or Mutt decide to do something newsworthy.

If only all "star" press were like this. Can you imagine only hearing about Paris Hilton when she did something newsworthy?

Perhaps one day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canadian Supreme Court Declares Guantanamo Illegal - Why Won't Anyone Say It?

Article: An unsurprising ruling affords cold comfort for Omar Khadr

t first, it didn't hit me at all. I read through three-quarters of the article before I got to this:

"a Supreme Court ruling that says Guantanamo Bay was essentially an illegal operation..."

I know, I know... you didn't hear that on the evening news either! But it's true. For the second time a country's Supreme Court has declared the Guantanamo Bay kidnapping/torture operation illegal.

Funny how the headline doesn't include that - seeing as headlines are supposed to convey the most important gist of the story in a sexy way. If I were the editor, I would have insisted on a front-page, gigantic headline stating: CDN Supreme Court: Guantanmo Bay Illegal!!!
Yet on this one and every other article I could find - even one from Al-Jazeera - they have boring titles:

Khadr gets tiny victory
Toronto Sun, Canada

Ottawa ordered to provide documents to Khadr
Globe and Mail

Supreme Court ruling a partial win for Omar Khadr

Canada Guantanamo detainee wins,

Notice how the ruling is down-played. Strange for a Supreme Court ruling.
Imagine if this had been about gay marriage or gun-control? We would have headed into days of front page headlines; clearly spelling out the legal ramifications for us. Because, ultimately, those kinds of glossy, intense "us against them" "debates" grab headlines, but, in the end, don't accomplish much. (For instance, after endless rounds of high-profile debate, has gay marriage been "solved" in your area yet? Didn't think so. Even when legislation does get passed, it gets overturned/ammended and the argument starts anew).

The Supreme Court defines our laws through their rulings. Just like in the US. They have declared that, because the detention and interrogation of Omar Khadr was illegal, Canada participated in an illegal activity by aiding the US government. This is HUGE, people!!!
Instead we are told by the headlines (which is as far as most people will go on this story) that this was just an "Unsurprising ruling," or a "small victory for Khadr." Bloody brilliant watching these people work. Now, who is going to stop what they're doing and listen intently about an "unsurprising ruling." No-one. That's right. Just freaks like you and me - the rarest of individuals who have the disease of Truthitis.

Canada is turning out to still hold many surprises for the Globalists. I'm not sure if, in the end, we can beat them - we are a possesion of the Queen's after all - but we'll sure as hell try.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Truth Package Machine: The Columbine Massacre Unravels

Truth Package Machine: The Columbine Massacre Unravels

I have always felt the same way about not only Columbine, but all the other campus mass-shootings.

The one in Montreal a couple years ago was especially weird. I can't find the original reports anymore, but I watched it all unfold live and at first, media reported that there were several shooters; then that there was a standoff with the shooter; then that there was one and he was in custody; then that the shooter had committed suicide.

Just like 7/7 in London, police were on the scene en masse within 5 minutes. No-one in the media thought to ask the Surété du Québec how they all managed to get there so quickly.

Of course, he was quickly identified and came with a complete psychiatric history within hours of the shooting. Another standard patsy.

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom Silver and gold guarantee freedom
ou can say that again!

To paraphrase from an Edward Griffin film:

In Roman times, an ounce of gold could buy:
  • A nice pair of thong sandals
  • A hand-made toga
  • A fine hat
2000 years later, an ounce of gold can buy:
  • A nice pair of hand-made leather shoes
  • A hand-sewn suit
  • A nice fedora
By contrast, in 1980 you could buy a suit for $150. Now you couldn't even get the shoes for that!
You see, the price of gold isn't really going up, the value of the fiat currency we use to buy it is tanking... BIG TIME.

Stick with metals! Our governments should be issuing coins only.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Open Letter To An RCMP Terrorist Mole

I received many great comments about my last post about the Canadian Toronto 18 case and the potentially bogus sting operation that entrapped the suspects. The most interesting had to be one (purportedly) from the main paid RCMP/CSIS informant himself, Mubin Shaikh. He wrote:

"So how will your article read when the guilty ARE found as such?
How will your article read when you hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some?
Dont (sic) make the mistake the govt. did by assuming all were guilty. Dont (sic) make the mistake too many are making now by assuming all are innocent.
Stay tuned - this show is just gettin' started!


Mubin Shaikh"

Below is my response to Mr. Shaikh:

"To 'Mubin Shaikh' (If that really is you... I guess there's no way to know for sure. I'm going to respond in the hopes that it is really you),

I'd like to start by saying that I actually think you're brave coming out and speaking up about flaws in the case, for speaking out about your part in the sting, and for being honest about your history. The other mole has kept silent. I've seen you in interviews and you seem like a very likable guy - the kind of guy I could chill with at a Saturday BBQ. Having said that, I feel the same way about George Bush!

Listen, I can't pretend to know all the details - as usual the RCMP are secretive about the details of this case - and you're one of the few who does know a lot of them - perhaps most. I only know what I can dig up for myself.

First off, I am most definitely not making a mistake in "assuming all are innocent" - I have to assume all are innocent under the Canadian Charter of Rights. Anyone who does not is not being a true Canadian. It is up to the Crown to show that they are guilty, and until they do they are completely innocent in my books.

And perhaps you'll forgive my doubts about this case in the light of the fact that this is the third such Canadian mass arrest - the other two cases were thrown out of court COMPLETELY with stern judgments and
warnings from the bench against the tactics of RCMP, CSIS, and the Crown. As this case slowly falls apart, I expect no different.

As for the Toronto 18 case that you worked on, the RCMP and CSIS watched these guys for TWO YEARS and without a single chargeable offence occurring - until you two 'moles,' informants, whatever - came along. All of a sudden it's a fast track to fertilizer.

I find it disturbing that you would call this affair a "show," with these poor souls being kept in 23.5 hour-a-day solitary confinement. Remember, the ones just exonerated were kept in these conditions too.

As for how my, "article [will] read when [I] hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some..." You must understand, I do not care if any of these boys were saying scary things. People say scary things every day - even more so about hot topics like this "war on terror" and other political hot potatoes. Canada is a free country and I will fight to the death to allow anyone to say whatever they bloody-well please - no matter how scary or even depraved. It doesn't matter what these people allegedly said!

If you really stop and do your homework, Mr. Shaikh, you will soon see that, in all likelihood, there is NO Al-Qaeda. There is no 'terrorist threat.' Especially to Canada. Until Afghanistan, what did we ever do to them? If there is a threat, it's only because we're over there busting into innocent people's houses and killing or torturing them.

Please watch the excellently researched and accurately reported English documentary, "The Power of Nightmares," and rethink this whole line about Islamic terrorists coming for us in the night. This is not some indy, leftist propaganda piece - it is a report from mainstream English press and has been seen by millions.

You can find it here:

Keep in mind that if I had written similar articles about the previous two stings on the Pakistanis, I'd have been right. If I'd written one about the ones arrested in Florida - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Maher Arar - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about Omar Khadr - I'd have been right. If I'd written one about the "liquid bombers" in London - I'd have been right. I could go on, but you get the picture.

You are right about one thing, though: Let's see how my article reads when all is said and done. But, remember, the question for you would be:

How will your life 'read,' having turned these people in, if none of them is found guilty?

PS: Even if they are found guilty - that doesn't mean they did anything wrong. It just means that they wouldn't have won the court case. Two different things - especially when charged under the Anti-Terror Act and already having been tried on TV!

PPS: Should I be scared now? If you are Mubin Shaikh and and you work for CSIS and you've seen my site, will I be reported to CSIS now as a home-grown terrorist? Under the Anti-Terror Act I suppose they could come for me now."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada

The Incredible Shrinking Terror Case

Up here in The Great White North, we are having our own experience with the terror-mongers. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is another of the neo-con Straussian faux tough-guys like the ones in Washington. And he's been trying - with much less success than his American overlords - to turn Canada into a modern, lawless dictatorship ruled by terror.

The problem that Harper's regime is having with Canada, though, is that we are mostly very easy-going. We tend not to hold grudges. We tend to be very open to new ideas. We tend to be empathetic to others. We insist on our personal privacy. We have never been very interested in empire-building. And, most of all, we have a tiny sliver of independent journalism still remaining (though that's almost gone over completely to American-style media conglomerate lie-mongering too).

Yesterday, even the mainstream media reported that the Crown Attorneys (District Attorneys for you American readers) were staying cases against four more of the so-called "Toronto 18." A stay means that there really wasn't a case against them to begin with. This is the second wave of stays in this case, bringing the fearful 18 down to 11. To get to the heart of this, we need to go back to 2004.

In the summer of 2006 the Anti-Terror Act was up for review, with the opposition parties calling for it to expire. Canada was openly questioning whether it was right to give up our liberties when it didn't seem that there was any real threat. Then, suddenly in June two weeks before the vote on the Act was due,
the RCMP arrested (without warrant under the 2002 Anti-Terror Act) 18 (or was it 17) Muslims in Toronto as a direct result of the suspects allegedly ordering several hundred pounds of fertilizer.

The TVs and front pages flared up with the story of the plot to drive a bomb-laden truck up the steps of Parliament, run in, kidnap and then behead the Prime Minister, and then blow up the Parliament Buildings. As if that were not enough, the "home-grown terrorists" were running a professional "terror training camp" in the countryside. "Home-grown terror!" "It can happen here!" "They hate our freedoms!" cried the media non-stop for precisely one week until some of the sketchy details of the arrests started to come out. Then they clammed right up.

What they didn't tell us at first was that RCMP surveillance of some of the suspects had begun three years earlier - with absolutely no leads developing: these kids were normal Canadian youth - some of them politically active and outspoken against out invasion of Afghanistan, but the RCMP could find no illegal activity.
What turned things around for the RCMP was the introduction of two Muslim moles: one, Mubin Shaikh, a cocaine-addicted, lifelong Air Cadet with a troubled past - he was also a CSIS agent (Canada's CIA); the other a man was also a well-paid (he asked for $40 million dollars) CSIS agent with a degree in horticulture who was on the skids. Each was paid millions of dollars by CSIS and RCMP for their services. These two then ingratiated themselves to the suspects and immediately started the process of entrapment. Shaikh has since stated publicly that many of the suspects are innocent. He has also admitted to snorting all the money he was paid up his nose and has been recently charged with assaulting two 12-year old girls!!!
It turns out that the fertilizer was ordered and paid for by the RCMP!In fact, it was the horticulturist mole who was the only one able to place the order, as a regular citizen ordering hundreds of pounds of fertilizer at once will be immediately reported to the RCMP! And it was delivered to a location that the RCMP rented and paid for- one block away from their regional headquarters! Now, you tell me what sophisticated terror network is going to devise a plot where they are based one block away from the national police force's HQ?!?

This is the third round of mass terror arrests in Canada. Each has preceded key events such as sending more troops to Afghanistan or voting on the Anti-Terror Act. In the previous two cases ALL the charges were thrown out of court, with brutal rulings from the bench damning the RCMP for ever arresting the suspects. We're well on our way to having all the charges against the 18 dropped.

This would be funny except for the fact that these unlawfully arrested young men, despite the flimsy evidence and exoneration of more than half of them, have all been kept in solitary confinement, sitting on a concrete floor for 23 and a half hours a day! We can all see that their charges are going to be dropped - but in the meantime they remain in these tortuous conditions, wasting their youth, in jail.

Our hearts go out to the families of these young men whose lives are being stolen from them at such a crucial age.

Post Script: Remember how Americans travelers have always been advised to sew Canadian maple leaves to their backpacks to gain goodwill when in foreign countries? We are losing that goodwill by acting as America's lackeys. We hope and pray that Canada - once arguably the best-loved country around the world - does not now become a target for hatred due to such imperial behavior.

For more info watch the recently released video, Unfair Dealings, which goes into the deep history of these illegal RCMP entrapments and both the RCMP and CSIS.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

If We Had Memories, We'd Remember The 30s

As thousands of poor souls are trying to get their retirement money back after the collapse of asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) notes, I have mixed feelings for them.

On the one hand, these are regular, hard-working, trusting individuals who thought they were investing conservatively in what amounted to a sure thing. These people have been directed by financial advisers, banks, money managers, etc, to invest in these "low-risk" investments after watching ads showing their friendly, non-threateningly pudgy banker as someone who can "join the family," or "earn your trust."

On the other hand, I am tempted to say that they got what they deserved. As callous as that sounds, it is true: the information has been out there for all to find that there is no such thing as a low-risk investment and that this - or any other disappearance of investment capital can happen at any time without warning. More to the point: that it is part of a deliberate scheme that has repeated throughout history.

Now, to be fair, if only truthful history and finance were taught in school, or if these subjects were covered regularly and truthfully in our news media, I'm sure that almost none of these people would have invested in the first place. Who would invest their hard-earned in a system that is set up to steal it?

Historically, in the good times the stock market is a place of complicated and exclusive dealings of the super-elite.
Then, suddenly, one sees a massive increase in the baiting of average Joes to get into the stock market. Take the massive increase in financial services advertising in the last ten years - or, especially, in hugely misleading and baiting day-trader advertising - services such as E-Trade have exploded out of the gates, getting their services up and running almost as soon as the servers for the commercial Internet were built, then dropping ads that male you feel as if using E-trade will make you rich overnight (when, in fact, just like any form of gambling, the vast majority of investors lose money to the house in the long run).

This type of baiting has only meant one thing in history: CRASH. The common people are used to float the boat as high as it will go, then they are liquidated when it sinks. The attempted bail outs of the 30s, 80s, and 90s (and soon the 2000s) accomplished nothing - the market still ended up bottoming out - except protecting the paycheques and payouts to the boards of the corporate perpetrators of these scams.
The Bear-Stearns and S&Ls of the world are bailed out - while Average Joe is screwed. People's entire portfolios (and even cash bank accounts) are liquidated.

Perhaps now people will wake up, learn about how these banksters are scamming them, remove all their money from the fiat banking system, and buy silver and other precious metals. Because, when it hits the fan, you'll still be able to buy clothes and food with silver.

Don't believe us? Just try buying anything with your ABCP investment now!

And the Media Are Supposed To Be Our 'Watchdogs?!?'

We take a lot of heat sometimes for suggesting that today's corporate-owned shill media are not exactly fair and balanced. In fact, those who would have us live under a fascist state, like the neo-cons in the US and Conservatives in Canada, often complain about a non-existent "liberal media bias."

Perhaps you can easily dismiss regular folks like me as paranoid, knee-jerk amateurs. But how about Hugh Downs? He has an illustrious 40-yr TV career, with 21 consecutive years hosting ABC's 20/20 - perhaps one of the most blatantly Pro-business/Republican news magazines to hit the air (before Fox News came along). He has a school named after him at Arizona State University.

But, here he is in a recent interview, saying that corporate conglomerated ownership of media, "carries the imposition of an implicit philosophy on news production often coloring the choice of news stories and the treatment of them. This has led to underreporting or non-reporting of some important events and situations."

We have become inured to such statements. It just sounds like another view in another interview. But just think about what this paragon of mainstream journalism has said: Ownership of the media by giant corporations is making it harder to report the truth!

And we are laughed out of town when we suggest that there is a conspiracy to keep certain stories from the air. What is this if it is not a conspiracy?!?? Sure, Downs has couched a conspiracy in safe language, such as, "
"underreported," and, "Non-reported."

Just which stories are being "underreported?" "Non-reported?!?" Imagine the possibilities...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Consequences of Globalization and Neoliberal Policies. What are the Alternatives?

The Consequences of Globalization and Neoliberal Policies. What are the Alternatives?

A not-too-complicated article on free markets and their disastrous results.

It's So Obvious, No-One Is Talking About It

The Wages of Peace

The US us whining away about a great depression being just around the corner - and they spend over $8
Billion a month on a war that even the hardest-core Republicans are now starting to oppose.

I would hold this against the American people except, of course, it's not up to them. This is a key post in the plan to intentionally bankrupt America.

It wouldn't be the first time:

From the film Zeitgeist, shockingly almost always the #1 video on Google Video! There's hope yet!

Take Back Wiki!

I have used Wikipedia many times. Overall it is as good a reference as any encyclopaedia, but like its written counterparts, Wikipedia all too often offers up the glossed-over, pap version of history.

After watching Michael Rivero of fame go through hell trying to get a fair Wikipedia entry, I have become convinced that we should change Wikipedia - one article at a time.
Those of us who seek truth - no matter what the result - need to storm Wikipedia and set the record straight on many topics.

Take a couple hot topics of interest: capitalism and suicide bombings in Iraq: recently I was appalled to see Wikipedia's listings for "Suicide bombings in Iraq since 2003‎" and "Capitalism." There was no balance to the articles. Beliefs were stated as fact.
So I clicked "edit this page" and added some balanced counter disucssion and facts to what I considered to be one-sided, ideologically driven articles in what should be a fact-driven website. You'll notice in the above articles on Capitalism and Suicide bombings in Iraq since 2003, there are now sections at the tail of the first sections that show a little balance.

Wikipedia seems to show a definite slant toward favouring the establishment view, deleting articles that skew against commonly accepted beliefs. The worst they can do is delete your additions. After that, just write another addition with a more conservative slant - perhaps with more mainstream media links (they really like those).

Remember, read the rules and find as many mainstream media articles to bolster your views.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In A Shocking Development... Morgan To Buy Stearns

JPMorgan says to buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share (sic)

This is exactly how the banksters make their fortunes expand over the years - they cause massive financial "crises," then buy up the most affected banks, insurance houses, and other corporations for pennies on the dollar.
That the SEC won't investigate this and other similar events shows their implicit involvement in these schemes.

What really burns my behind is that these corporations and their founders & CEOs are sold to us as "paragons of free-market capitalism," when in fact, they are communists - the biggest, baddest commies around!

"Morgan, a communist?!?" you say, "But he's a
paragon of free-market capitalism!"

Notice that, in this transaction, JP Morgan is being helped by the Fed. They're getting $30 billion in underwriting on this deal! And this is after the Fed has given billions to shore up several of these lending-shark corporations!

When decent working people are laid off from these corporations, what happens when people demand protection and job security? They are told that they are simply victims of the "market," and that it would be "socialist," or "communist" to receive reimbursement or social protection of their jobs and income!
But when it's in the form of handouts to corporations, somehow it's not communism.

We have to stop getting dragged into these black & white debates about "free-markets" and "communism" and decide for ourselves what is good for our own communities. The debate is rigged - and guess who it's rigged in favour of?

Not you.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elliot Spitzer's True Crime - Honesty?

Elliot's Mess

Often, when I complain about the double standards in justice - one standard for rich white folk, another for everyone else - I am given examples, such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, Conrad Black's trial, in which powerful rich white folk are brought to justice. They're just like everyone else!

Take Elliot Spitzer (please): he would seem, on the surface, to be a shining example of how no-one is above the law. He committed a crime and he has been caught. Add to this his public humiliation and it's all the better.

But did you know that Spitzer was in the process of suing all those predatory-lending banks that are now responsible for the "sub-prime" crisis in the States that threatens another Great Depression?!?

Bush's people fought and slandered Spitzer hard - but he would not back down. Could it be that they finally found a way to make him back down? Like, blackmail?

Read yet another excellent article from Greg Palast on the subject: Elliot's Mess

White-Collar COPS?

In all the years of so-called "investigative journalism," especially "crime journalism," no-one has ever done a series on corporate crime?
I'd like to pitch an idea for a TV show (all rights reserved, in case there are any TV producers haunting this blog!!!):

How about a one-hour crime doc on A&E (in the spirit of American Justice, or Crime 360) except, instead of focussing on working-class and poor street criminals, they focus exclusively on white-collar criminals?!?

White-collar, or corporate crime and fraud cost the US alone, way back in 1990, $100 Billion per year! Imagine what it is now? And this doesn't include things like the savings & loan scandal that hit right after that! That "scandal" alone will cost the US taxpayers $1.4
Trillion!!! That is 1.4 thousand thousand million dollars! The cost of all street-level crime for any decade added-up does not come close to this one crime alone!

So, let's get a TV show going! Let's follow around a different community's Corporate Crime Task Force each week.... eh, what's that? Your community doesn't have a Corporate Crime Task Force? Wait... let me do a Google search...
Ok, I was unable to find a Corporate Crime Task Force. Isn't that odd?

So, scrap that idea.

We'll pick up cold case files of all the biggest ongoing investigations into corporate crimes... Hunh? What now? You say all the records for the biggest investigations in the States were housed in the SEC's offices in World Trade Center 7... and that it collapsed on its own on September 11th, 2001 destroying said records? Shit!

Maybe we'll just forget it. I understand that the focus should be on how
any neighbor of mine might be a rapist or child-abductor; how blacks and Hispanics and Muslims are just waiting for their chance to mug me or go Jihad on me. If I'm not reminded of this every night, I might forget!

And what kind of world would we live in if I wasn't afraid of everybody?

Wish I'd Bought In When I First Wanted To...

Gold futures soar to record above $1,000 an ounce

My buddy and I figured out long ago that it was high time to get out of any and all market-dependent investments (RRSPs, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, etc.) and get into precious metals and coins.

But I didn't have the liquidity to act on it then. He did. He's gone on to make a good profit. Ergh.

At this point, people, it's not even worth it to have your savings in a bank. At any moment, the depression could hit, and when that happens, ALL savings will be wiped out - either blocked for withdrawal by the banks and the partners-in-crime, the government or the dollars that you can withdraw will be worthless.

I think silver is the place to be - gold just might be over-valued right now.

Run For Tha Hillz!!!

I wish it weren't so, but this guy is right...

"Clean 'Em, Load 'Em, Stack 'Em, and Prepare to Use 'Em!"

For so many years, I was influenced by the neo-liberal agenda, as so many young folk are, and I thought that "guns are bad." As I have grown up and observed how the world really works, I realise that, if it came down to it, I would need a gun to protect myself and my family - not from "criminals" on the streets - but rather from my own govenment, should they get too big for their boots.

With the passage in the US and Canada of so-called anti-terror legislation - which is really just legislated dictatorship, there is every possibility that people like me, just for posting my (unpopular) views publicly, could be identified as "potential domestic terrorists," arrested without warrant, refused legal representation, have my property seized and my children become wards of the state...

That mountain shack is looking more and more inviting each day!

Iran Doesn't Strike Me As Being That Bad...

Reuters: Jews Vote In Iran Election

You know, for all the grief that the US and its allies (including Canada, unfortunately) are constantly giving Iran, my detailed studies of the country since its Islamic revolution show that it is really not that bad of a place (relatively speaking, of course - you couldn't pay me to live in a religious state of any kind)!
Iran, while overwhelmingly Muslim, harbours sizable Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian communities - each of which claims no significant discrimination or harassment!

The supposed "anti-semitic" statements attributed to their president were all taken out of context and/or distorted to make it sound as if he wants to kill all Jews. When you see his comments in-context they are hardly shocking coming from a country which is threatened with extinction regularly by Israel (who, of course, is allowed to randomly threaten whomever they wish!). Amenijad was only calling for Israel's political leadership to be "wiped from the map." Big difference. Opposing Israel, a political entity, has nothing to do with irrational hatred of Judaism - a religion.

In the war against Iraq (where Iraq was really just a client substitute for the USA - who were too chicken to fight Iran themselves), Iran was the victim. They had high moral standards for their troops, and even refused to cross into Iraq's sovereign territory for the first years of the war. Of course, over here, Iran was portrayed as the aggressor, and this stigma has lasted ever since.

We can clearly see that Iran respects other ethnic groups and religions within its borders. We have also seen that, time and time again, Iran has proven to be telling the truth concerning its civilian nuclear programs. Amenijad even sent a personal letter to George Bush asking for a dialog to be opened - it was completely ignored by the Americans.

How evil could Iran really be? Who really is the aggressor?

These Are Not Just Hippie Nuts Talking Here...

You can pretend that a bunch of young, misguided hippies are responsible for all the opposition to the "war" in Iraq; try to throw away any argument against it by claiming that we don't know what we're talking about; that we don't "support our troops."
But deal with this:

'We Reacted Out of Fear, and With Total Destruction'

These are the
troops talking here, folks! Now certainly you can't argue that they don't know what they're talking about.

A sure sign that the effort in Vietnam was fruitless was when veterans started to say the very same things.

Give it up, warmongers. You've lost.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

See? It's Not Just "Conspiracy Nuts!"

A.P. Chief Warns of Erosion of Freedoms

Every time I make an accusation of a "restricted," or "corporate-controlled," or "hamstrung" media, people glaze over. They react as if I am over-reacting!

The above link shows clearly that even the most mainstream journalists are finding the erosion of their freedoms unbearable.

5 uber-rich men own ALL the major TV and print media in the "Western democracies." That is a
fact - not a "conspiracy theory." Almost all of the media conglomerate corporations that own your nightly news also are directly benefiting from the "War On Terror" because they also own defence contracting firms, engineering firms and high-tech security firms. What are the chances of them reporting anything that would seriously jeopardise their war profits?!?

This is no "conspiracy theory:" just fact. This fact is more commonly known as:
conflict of interest. In other walks of life, for instance, judges are expected to recuse themselves from hearing a trial if they have any personal stake in the outcome. We need to demand that these media super-corporations divest themselves of their other interests - and be forced, by law, to only own media companies.
Better yet, ignore the nightly news and find your own sources - on the 'Net - where you can double-check and independently verify each claim made in any article.

We need to stop and ponder what all this really means about the "news" we receive every night.
For all we know, there is not a shred of truth to
any of it!

All the more reason to walk away from the mainstream media "news."

Monday, March 03, 2008

TMZ Must Die!

For the love of all that is sacred, people...
Stop watching TMZ!
Stop buying US and People!
Stop worrying about Brangelina and Bennifer an TomKat!
What do their lives have to do with us? With... anything at all?
Imagine how an Iraqi or Afghan or malnutritioned African would feel, as they claw through the horrors of their existence, to see us devoting so much precious time to wondering whether or not these "stars" will get divorced, or whether Paris Hilton will go to a certain club tonight?
Those of you who are buying into this inane view of what is important in this the world are killing us all! There are only so many hours in the day one can devote to learning anything. Every hour spent watching stars get out of their SUVs on TMZ is an hour spent not learning about the facts of history and the present.
For all of our sakes, just stop... NOW!

Big Surpise - Harper Signs SPP

Wow. Didn't see this coming:

"Did Harper just commit treason? Canadian government authorizes American troops to occupy Canada"

Now, look for reasons to declare an "emergency." Possibilities include:

  • -"Bio-Terror" - All biological terror attacks have been sourced to American sources - proving a conspiracy. Take the much-ballyhooed anthrax attacks of fall 2001 (which helped to usher in the Patriot Act and the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.) Any bio-scare (smallpox, influenza, hepatitis, AIDS, anthrax, et. al) could be used as a means to cow people into any of the massive, privatised concentration camps that have been slowly and secretly built up over the decades.
    Video Proof of US sourcing of anthrax
    Article of US sourcing of anthrax
  • -Natural Disaster - Take Katrina (please)... No effort was made on the part of the US Govt. (specifically FEMA) to protect Katrina's poor, black masses. That was reserved for the rich whites - who received armed National Guardsmen. National Guardsmen were indeed sent to black neighbourhoods - but only to disarm them and herd them into concentration camps (by mercenary forces too, nonetheless!).
  • -False-Flag Terror - Just like the 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, and Indonesian attacks, watch for the first "Al Qaeda" terror attacks on Canadian and Mexican soil soon.
Stay smart - question any declarations of an "emergency." Protect yourself with arms.

Killing In the Name Of...

I am sure that this is what all the innocent victims of 9/11 and their families really wanted done to best remember them: create a warship of death & destruction out of the 9/11 ruins.,4136,158106,00.html

Funny they can find enough steel to forge a warship, but couldn't find enough to do a proper analysis of the fallen towers!

9/11 Widows Call For New Investigation

Everyone's A Critic (But Where Are They?)

As many of us have heard, Marie Cotillard believes what millions of us around the world do: that we have been lied to about aspects of 9/11 . Comparisons to Rosie Odonnell spring to mind.

In Rosie's case - the first out-in-open, detailed criticism of the 9/11 Commission and the US's War On Terror - the Mainstream Media (MSM) actually undertook a massive smear campaign (including high-profile TV personalities calling for Rosie's DEATH).

Now, after showing what happens to dissidents, they don't even have to be bothered to go through with it. All that are needed are "hints" of "controversy;" or that the star will be "facing harsh criticism;" or "a backlash."

Note in the following links that, in the headlines, Mme. Cotillard is said to be facing criticism or a backlash, but no such criticism is actually leveled toward her by anyone! The shills at these corporate-owned hegemons simply insinuate that Cotillard is about to be fed to the wolves - and that she must be insane. Usually, when there is controversy, there is no lack of the criticism leveled against those causing controversy - but where is the criticism?

Notice also the inclusion of "did-we-go-to-the-moon" doubts at the very end - just to make her look more loony. That she is French is just icing on the cake. (For those of you not familiar with the French-hate in the USA, the current regime has fostered hatred for the French - their greatest ally in the war of independence - ever since they rightly refused to help with the illegal invasion of Iraq).
Don't believe me? Check this out.
Cotillard Has Regret About 9/11 Remarks

This one is an example of all the above and more. Note the final paragraph.
Conspiracy beliefs come back to haunt Marion Cotillard

"Cotillard is well known for believing in the fantastic. In her Oscar acceptance speech she said that her best-actress victory was proof "there is some angels" in Los Angeles."

This is pure smear! First off, it is absolutely mainstream in America to believe in angels. You will not see this paper attacking any middle-America Christians or Jews for their belief in angels. Not to mention, she is arguably not even voicing such a belief - Los Angeles means, "The Angels." Cotillard was making a good-natured and clever pun!
As for being "well known for believing in the fantastic," the Oscars were a week ago. This hardly constitutes a pattern of belief in the fantastic.

Note the complete lack of any criticism!!! Yet the titles of these articles would have you believe that there was some terrible storm of controversy created by her remarks!

Shame on you, Tom O'Neil and the LA Times.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Israel Always Gets Its Man! (Or its one-year old baby)

Gaza child, bombmaker die in Gaza missile strikes

I'm impressed at the skill displayed in writing this article.

There is no independent verification of the occupation of the "militant;" it is taken at face value that, of course, the Israelis would only target a "bombmaker." But looking at the article literally, it says "munitions expert." That could mean anything - but "bombmaker" sounds so... so... Al Qaeda, doesn't it?

Also to be admired is how, in order to get the last word in at the very end of the article, "some" unnamed "residents" claim that "militant's" rockets fired at Israel have "fallen short;" implying that the stupid Arabs did it to themselves.

Reuters (which also owns Associated Press) is owned by the Rockefellers - a consistently pro-Zionist family of unimaginable power and influence.

Will the Palestinians ever receive justice?

Prime minister denies his party tried to bribe late MP

Prime minister denies his party tried to bribe late MP

This keeps on happening in Canada - not to mention the rest of the "free world:" We suddenly feel that we need some tough-talking cowboy to "make Canada's presence" stronger, and get "tough on crime," and "co-operate in the War On Terror."

What we seem to so quickly forget is that every single one of these Conservative governments - from provincial to federal level - has proven* to:

a) massively increase debt
b) undermine national (or provincial) sovereignty
c) lie, steal, and bribe
d) give out billions in corporate welfare
e) support and/or participate in war crimes of and with the USA

Here's a suggestion for the next time you're at the polls, Canadians:


*Without bias, look at the governments of (federal) Brian Mulroney who gave us the treasonous North American Free Trade Agreement, (provincial) Mike Harris who instituted so-called "Workfare" and defecit-spent Ontario into a recession, and Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien who is under investigation for bribery charges of his own.