Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Agents Provocateurs: Today's COINTELPRO In Action

Please watch the following YouTube Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St1-WTc1kow

True, the guy is convinced they're cops without hard evidence, but look at the way they're acting as they're openly accused of being cops. Logically, I would think that, if they're some kind of "militant terrorist" group, they would be INSULTED at being called cops. Or that they would have something... anything... to say for themselves. Instead they're just acting all sheepish, doing a half-assed job of trying to do their job: which is to provoke the crowd, causing rioting and mass arrests.

Once some form of violence is achieved, the protest will be dutifully reported by the Obedia (Mainstream Media) as, you guessed it, an unlawful riot by unruly youth. Joe and Jane North American will then watch this with apprehension and fear and beg the state to "do something about it," even if it means, "giving up some more freedoms to get more security," from these lawless hooligans. This strategy worked wonders in the 60s and 70s to scare the Red-State Americans into following LBJ's and Nixon's disastrous path in Vietnam without question.

This type of activity is what is used to justify massive police presences at all peaceful protests. In the future it will be used to justify the outlawing of ALL organised gatherings not sanctioned first by the North American Union.
(If that link seems too "conspiracy theorist" and not "mainstream" enough, how about CNN's Lou Dobbs? He is the only Obedia "journalist" covering this life-altering issue).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Internet Endgame

New Law Gives Government Six Months to Turn Internet and Phone Systems into Permanent Spying Architecture

This is it: the Internet Endgame. We're seeing why the Internet was sold to us so quickly and why there have been virtually no laws passed to protect Internet users. It was planned from its inception (as the US military's ARPANET) as a tool to capture all our personal information.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NASA Wouldn't Lie... Would They?

Reference article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/08/14/nasa_weather_error/

For years, I was a faithful supporter of the idea that humans, through irresponsible use of polluting chemicals and fuels, were causing a greenhouse effect on this planet, risking our very future for short-term profit.

Now, I must admit, that I am not so sure any more... I would have stayed the course, but for the mainstream media (MSM)'s sudden all-out backing of the Global Warming paradigm. Within one year, the MSM went from making fun of anyone who propounded these ideas to making it a sin to argue against them! When was the last time you
ever saw these self-serving fools do that?

Wait... it's coming to me now... Ah yes... How about when the Washington Times printed afront-page story which outlined the beginnings of an investigation into a child gay child prostitution ring that featured boys rounded up in the famous Boys Town Catholic orphanage (made familiar and pleasant in a Mickey Rooney movie)? They had sudden change of heart - they never printed another story about it again. There was also a documentary that was made for the Discovery channel. They ran ads for it for two weeks. Then, two days before airing, it was pulled, and the videotapes bought by an outside firm. The videotapes were destroyed. But, a pre-edit print was recued by someone on the crew, and, thank God, you can see it on Google Video.

This article is not about Bush-level paedophilia (I already did that: See "Sex Rings & NGOs - The Key?" below) but rather I point this out to show that the MSM only change their minds when serving an agenda.
Why did they pull the stories? Because they were paid or coerced into doing so. Because continuing to reveal the truth would have cost someone their job... or worse.

So why would they suddenly do a complete 180 about Global Warming? Because they were paid or coerced into doing so? Because continuing to reveal the truth would have cost someone their job... or worse? Because they benefited from telling a new myth? Correct on all counts.

After practically electing Al Gore to president without his even running, the MSM have more-or-less completely stood behind all major assertions in An Inconvenient Truth. AMong the most important data are the figures from NASA showing that we are now living in the warmest times in history and it's only getting worse...

Except, it turns out today that NASA
forgot to apply some basic, standard math to the figures. After correcting for this error, it turns out that there is NO warming trend, and the hottest decade in N. America was, in fact, the 1930s!!! Ooooops.

But, surely NASA must have made an innocent error. Perhaps. But, then again, NASA is a strange organisation which can hardly be seen as benevolent or as even serving the public interest. In fact, the best comparison one can make of NASA's organisational structure and operations is with CIA.
NASA experiences plenty of oversight for its high-profile space missions, but has an entirely separate and off-the-books budget for many other operations. Many of its facilities and personnel are within these "black" arenas.
Even the publicly-funded and supposedly over-seen missions have inexplicable levels of secrecy. Take planetary imaging, for instance: Despite having all the facilities and manpower needed to do it themselves, NASA outsources to a private company, the imaging equipment and its output. This company. Malin Space Science Systems, was created by Michael Malin, who, as part of his exclusive contract with NASA,
personally oversees all images taken with his equipment, and gets to hold back release of any image he wishes for up to 6 months. NASA can then hold the images as long as it wants too.
And you wonder why all these theories develop about life on Mars and UFOs and such. With such inexplicable secrecy, what else are people going to think?

NASA also participates fully with all US intelligence agencies and helps to implement Star Wars space programs.

There is another reason to wonder if NASA could possibly be used as a force to instill fear in us
all: (This will sound kooky at first, bear with me) NASA is absolutley rife with Nazis. Most people aren't aware of this. Take Verner Von Braun (please!). Considered "America's father of rocketry," Von Braun was a Nazi. A Hardcore, top-level Nazi who should have faced a war crime tribunal. Instead, while other sacrificial lambs faced (what has turned out to be hypocritical) "justice," Verner and many of his closest fascist friends were very quietly flown to the US and South America as part of what has proven to be called Operation Paperclip.

Just what kind of organisation would have been created with high-level Nazis not only working in it, but
running it? Do I really even have to answer that for you? Simply look at what they created in Germany in the 30s.

(In an ironic coincidence, the only decade warmer than this one was... the 1930s! Perhaps Global Warming is caused by Nazis)

So now it turns out that, right in time for this huge paradigm shift on Global Warming, NASA started pumping out exactly what was needed to get everybody all hyped up and following good-ole Al Gore. NASA
forgot to do simlpe and obvious math that a reader discovered and corrected for! So, after all, there has not been a consistent warming trend since the turn of the century.

In a world further terrorised by an end-of-the-world Global Warming scenario, we will be forced into making all sorts of choices on this new skewed playing field. We will buy into
any alternative fuel schemes that don't involve fossil fuels - no matter how hair-brained (take hydrogen - it takes many times the power to create is as it gives, plus we would need to build a complete infrastructure of filling stations and supply lines all over again, and, as a final kicker, the hydrogen tank is a massive, explosive time bomb sitting underneath your car).

If the true intent was to clean up transportation and power, we would a) all be driving the EV1
electric car that GM produced just a couple of years ago that simply plugs in overnight. But, wait... GM suddenly recalled and destroyed all the EV1s it ever made and sold! That's right, even the models that it sold (the cars sold out immediately upon their release, even at their relatively high price-point, with a 2-year waiting list). Didn't hear about this car? Try seeing the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car?