Monday, July 23, 2007

What? Are We In Slow-Mo here?

So I'm reading today that the USA is going to strike at bin Laden in Pakitsan, where the "alleged architect" of the 911 "attack" has "found a safe haven."

Pakistan rejects 'Bin Laden raid'

"Alleged architect?!?" What does that mean?

First, I thought that bin Laden was the "mastermind." Now we are told that
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is the "mastermind" and bin Laden is the "architect." What exactly are the definitions of these terms? Are there different penalties for terrorist architecture, as opposed to terrorist master-minding? If bin Laden is not the mastermind, why are we looking for him still? Who is in charge, the architect or the mastermind?

"Found a safe haven?!" Instead of the movie version of events that you are asked to believe, try to imagine the supposed events
on the ground in real-time:

Imagine you are bin Laden. You are running this "insurgency," or "jihad," or "war of terror," or whatever the hell it's called now... and you are doing your best to attack US troops as well as hide. (Let's not complicate things by including annoying real-wrold detials sucj as the facts that you have renal failure and need dialysis, or that you died several years ago).
Now, you have been waging war from giant Dr. No-style underground, 10-story mountain bases. Oddly, you choose to do useless attacks of only a few men at a time, or pointlessly set roadside bombs.
But the US is looking for you. You need to move. Would you take
six years to find an acceptable spot?!? Would you just slide on over a few feet to the right into Pakistan? I mean, how obvious can you get? Supposedly, Al-Qaeda is a hydra-like, all-powerful, cell of highly-trained, expert terrorists capable of defeating the entire US military more or less at will.

We are being asked to believe that, for six years the US knew where bin Laden was: he was in Afghanistan, in mountain complexes. Yet , with their unlimited resources, they could not find him (many newspapers and the CIA had no trouble finding him, though). Why does it take years for bin Laden to move to a new base? Is he moving in slow-mo?
How does America know where he is
again? Obviously it doesn't even matter if the US knows where he is. They knew for years where he was and could (would) not apprehend him.

So I ask, are we in slow motion here? It is inexplicable how the (supposedly) greatest armed force in the history of creation, and the (supposedly) international terrorist enemy could be moving so bloody slowly!

The truth most likely is: bin Laden is dead and has been for years. The bin Laden's are the Bush's closest Saudi friends. They hatched a deal with them to use Osama's face and name (either because he's dead or because he's a family black sheep). There is no terrorist enemy at all. There are actually terrorist friends of the Coalition's national intelligence agencies, launching false-flag attacks on a perfect schedule to make the situation seem grave enough for us to give up oour liberties and continue to prosecute the most brazenly illegal war since WWII.

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