Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth: Raising Fearness

Live Earth is a series of concerts held today to "raise awareness" of "climate change."

When I try to raise my awareness of something, I look into the issue from all angles, gather the best, most verifiable facts, and form an opinion based upon those facts. Isn't that "awareness?"

I'm starting to react negatively to anything that is supposed to "raise awareness" of an issue. Think about it: what have been the major "awareness raisings" that we've had over the last couple of decades?

AIDS: When all facts are in, there is actually NO proof that HIV causes AIDS; no definitive proof that it is viral in nature, and, even if it is a virus, that the virus was deliberately inserted into both African and Gay populations (the smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines, respectively). There is certainly no proof whatsoever that AIDS can be transferred by heterosexual relations. Yet how many ribbon and concert programs and ads have we been subjected to for decades telling us the exact opposite?
BTW: With AIDS, the medico-pharma complex is guaranteed an average of $USD100,000 per AIDS victim before their inevitable painful, and tragic deaths (which starts immediately upon starting these cursed drugs - many too toxic to have been approved the last time they were up for federal approval). At 930,000 American AIDS diagnoses by 2003 and rising, that equals $USD93,000,000,000. That is 93 billion dollars in twenty years.

DRUGS: While Reagan and Bush Sr. declared their unprecedented War On Drugs; hammering us over and over with "Public Service Announcements" featuring A-List Hollywood stars, it has been conclusively proven, through internal documentation, that the CIA's major source of "black" (i.e., off-the-books) financing has been illicit drug trafficking. This cannot be disputed anymore. Major, "respectable" media outlets in America itself have published many articles proving this already.
So, while black men in America are getting life sentences for selling a couple grams of coke, Bush Sr. and Clinton were running thousands of tons of cocaine into Arkansas! The CIA was not simply skimming a little off the top of corrupt foreign dictators' sales of drugs to foreign citizens, but rather was the major conduit for domestic illicit drug supply! Drugs like crack cocaine - formerly unknown in most of the USA - became an epidemic in its cities.
Obviously, there was no "War On Drugs," just a war on America.

CANCER: After so many decades of the "War On Cancer," where are we really? It turns out that researchers can't even agree on what cancer is - some say it is viral some say environmentally caused, some say other causes. At the end of the day, Cancer-as-a-virus is a theory and nothing but a theory.
As we pour billions upon billions of dollars into such NGOs as the American Cancer Society, what have they done with these almost governmental levels of funding? They've managed to triple the cancer rates across the board in all countries that they operate out of! They've had their 5-6 decades to help - and it's only gotten worse.
Any amount of research shows that these NGOs all operate side by side with the mind-numbingly huge pharmaceutical industry - who benefit directly from sales of "chemotherapy" and "radiation therapy" drugs and machines to the tune of (again) $USD100,000 per cancer victim. It would actually be in the American Cancer Society's worst interests to ever find a cure. The CEO of the American Cancer Society makes over $USD750,000 per year! Why would this guy ever give up such a sinecure?

BTW: Cancer is the ultimate payout for the medico/pharma complex. While it is hard to gauge an exact average cost for cancer patients, $100,000 for all but the simplest cancers is fair, as costs can soar far above these levels for, say, bone marrow transplants. Cancer has incidence rates in the millions per year. Millions times hundreds of thousands = 100s of billions per year.

Which brings me to "raising awareness of Earth climate change."

It is indisputable that humans are making a massive mess of the Earth. Dioxins are found in seal meat at the North Pole. Huge clouds of smog sit over cities. Entire ecosystems are destroyed forever to build more houses and strip-malls than we could ever need. The impact of this mindless growth is devastating to the World over the long term. These and so many other issues need to be addressed. And the sooner the better, I say.

Yet, after decades of arguing vociferously, all of a sudden the news media and big business are now suddenly unanimously united behind the humans-are-creating-a-greenhouse-effect line. Since we know that nothing gets continuously reported in the news media unless there is a beneficial angle for those who own the media, we have to ask: What happened?

Only two years ago, it was normal to see a piece attacking global warming advocates as "conspiracy theorists" or "kooks." Expert after expert was paraded out to prove that there was nothing to global warming. Then, right in time for Gore's big comeback, ALL TV stations and newspapers changed their tune and a massive campaign has been underway ever since to establish as an unassailable fact that human consumption of fossil fuel is the only reason the Earth is warming up.

I used to believe this - until my studies took me into alternate history research, such as Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods. It turns out there are many different mechanisms at play in our universe, and many different ways that the Earth can experience climate change. That fossil fuels are causing all of the observed changes is, simply, a theory. Other theories include natural shifts in our planet's orbit, natural Jet Stream/Gulf Stream changes, magnetic pole reversals, etc.

It is too soon to judge objectively what is causing the supposed rampant changes in our environment.

Besides, we've got some much more intense problems on our plate. Let's start with white collar crime: crime that is stealing billions of dollars every year and corrupting our political processes! And let's stop killing citizens of foreign, sovereign states!

What good will "raising awareness" do when all mechanism for changes are owned by the global elite?

Instead, like all the other "good causes" that have come before, the only "awareness" that they wish to be raised is the awareness of how scary the world is and how much you will need their help and their rules to save you.

You will also need their cures and their solutions - just like their "solutions" for AIDS, CANCER, and DRUGS. I guarantee that they will cost far more than their considerable price tags.

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