Saturday, March 31, 2007

This Blog Is Not Yet Rated

This blog is based upon recently watching This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated. Oddly enough, it's slipped by the internal censors at Rogers video (Canadian version of Blockbuster) and was available on their New Release wall. If you have not seen this, you must. It might be one of the most important movies you have ever seen. Why?

We live in a free society, right? One that is democratic and values freedom of speech and expression above all else. We are not ever to be arrested for speaking out... never to be tortured for our views... never to censure books and films. The "Free Market" is supposed to be the ultimate decider. If you have a "controversial" movie, just put it out there! If anyone wants to se it they can - if no-one wants to, fine. You'll go broke and probably won't make another movie like that.

Well, wrong. We don't live in a free society. We don't even live in a "Free Market / Capitalist" society! Sorry, it's just not the case. We're much closer to fascism or state communism than you think. "
fascism or state communism?!?" you say, "Come on, Enjneer, you gotta to be kidding." "Those kind of states have dictators and no freedom of speech with secret police running around jailing people for no reason other than political ends or to silence dissent." Follow the links for proof that we are, in fact, in a fascist state. Communist when you consider that, for all their belching about "free-markets," and "competition," all major corporations now strive to a) monopolise their markets and/or b) ensure that they receive massive contracts/funding/underwriting from the government. That, my friends, is communsim.

NOTE: You Canadian readers might wonder why, if I am Canadian, do I have all these links to US policy and history? Please note: we have many examples up here of similar behaviour - from unwarranted arrests to sieges of innocent Canadians who confront the government - it's simply lower-key. Also the intense counter-analysis of US media and policy make it easier to find supporting URLs. As for the cultural aspects of media control, there is no difference to speak of anymore between the US and Canada; we watch the same shows, speak the same language, have the same divorce rate, etc).

This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated reminded me that it isn't unfamiliar to me to hear Valenti and CIA in the same sentence. Man, if I wanted to create a cultural filter - how better to do it than setup up a fascist system of cronyism like that. The ONLY other organisation that operates in secrecy = CIA. Hmmm....
I'm having trouble lately containing my feelings of, "this culture is bankrupt and the world is going to end... badly."

So you've got the 7 studios (another "Seven Sisters"?) Which are actually just 2 companies controlling 90% of EVERYTHING that we see. And if that weren't enough, they made this MPAA up out of cloth to make sure they catch everything before it hits our eyes and ears.

American movies have taken every chance to show us tit and ass, keeping malkes horny all the time, but not allowing women to have any sexual expression whatsoever - except for vaguely giving head or getting raped. So no wonder, after starting out as a puritanical society, then shifting into this heavily anti-sex media culture, women don't know WTF they want! All they know is cute girl and raped girl. And no wonder more than half of them can't come - they don't learn what it's like or that it's even possible from the mellow, slowly gyrating sex scenes in movies.

And we wonder why men and women are so fucked up.

There is so much proof building for an elite conspiracy to destroy our psyches - mostly by destroying the family (at the risk of sounding like the Moral Majority). But not in the ways that we've been 'allowed' to debate it. We need to remember that Arron Russo stated clearly that Rockerfeller told him, in person, that feminism was co-opted by his 'foundation' and other media that he and his friends radically influenced the movement, in order to destroy the modern family and get women out into wage slavery in numbers equal to men (Google Video link). This is a long talk Russo gave after screening his film. He drops the Rockefeller bombshell during that talk). It was irking Rockefeller and his ilk that women were spending their lives at home doing such trivial and unproductive work as child-rearing and running the household when they all could be working too!
The end result is... well, our lives. Look around you. Everyone feels this almost subconscious need to get married and have a "family" like we see on sitcoms and soap operas - except women now are not only denigrated as useless child-bearing machines and surgically-altered sperm receptacles, but they also now get to feel guilty if they decide to fulfill their roles as mothers because they're supposed to be out there having a 'career' as well!

The very real result is entire generations of women (not to mention men - who are now just as bewildered) who are fundamentally unhappy - with no way out. Stay at home and mother your children? You're nothing. Go out and work while dumping your kids off at a daycare to get ignored and abused by some teenagers who might as well be 'caring for' a grill full of Whoppers? You're nothing. You're now a bad mother. What are these ladies supposed to do?
And what are men supposed to do? We can't fill the outrageous roles that are expected of us either. Be a gangster... be a warrior... don't show weakness... yet be gentle and understanding... What?!?
Women now are becoming more notorious cheaters than men - I suspect it's because they want Conan the Barbarian and Dr. Spock rolled up into one. No man can be two types of people. So the women stray. No woman can be a virgin and a whore. SO the men stray. Marriages fall apart. Families are destroyed.

Thank you Mr. Rockerfeller.