Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rich Folks On Mars?

Check out the following article: The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown

Years ago, after mulling over the conundrum of how these evil bastards that gut the environment and entire nations for their whims can possibly expect to live in the ruins of the world once they're done with it, I momentarily came to the conclusion that they must be all moving to Mars soon. Obviously they are destroying the planet. They are pushing for Globalisation in order to speed up the process of raping the planet. How can they live here if there's no ozone? No soil? Dioxin in the water? Atomised depleted uranium floating around the globe? Nuclear wastelands?
They can't. No human can.
So where do they go? Mars. Maybe the Moon. Or perhaps they aren't human.

Of course, this is ridiculous. They're actually going to China.

The article linked above (from Information Clearing House) shows the methodical step-by-step plan to destroy America as a financial power. Just look at this "President'’s Working Group of Financial Markets;" Created as a post to oversee planning for financial emergencies, they are now meeting
every six weeks! The only possible interpretation (without further details) is that something wicked this way comes. And soon.

So North America has nearly been gutted. After this, look for the Illuminazis to move HQ to China, which will becone the "New USA," in other words, the new "World's Leading Economy." What most Americans don't realise is that their National Park system was created to hold the land as collateral for foreign (mainly Chinese) investors. When default time comes (any day now) guess who will own Yellowstone National Park? Yow-Ghi Bear, anyone?

Of course, the stalwart, sturdy, and
well-armed American citizen is going to be pissed when they find out how they were sold down the river. Uprising is likely. It is in this eventuality that we can see the real reasons for Abu Gharib and Gauntanamo Bay: the legal framework for ignoring habeas corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act has been created and solidified.
And as far as armed revolt goes, even the Colonial Brits didn't have the foresight to build Detention Centres all over the New World - The USA
does have detention centres ready for its own population built by Kellogg, Brown & Root - the Halburton subsidiary that got all the no-bid cpntracts to build military bases in Iraq (then bilked the US out of millions by over-charging).
Martial Law procedures were tested out for the first time in New Orleans by FEMA and the military during the Katrina "crisis" when National Gaurd and Army went house-to-house removing people's guns. Only. No rescues, no help, just forced entry and removal of all weapons.

So rise up all you want, Yanks. It won't go like it did in 1776.

It seems obvious to me now that the elite will turn North America into a penal colony / labour camp to mine natural resources (that are secretly under the ground in the National Parks) and provide cheap "services" for Asia.

This is all coming down the pipes faster than any of us thought. It's almost too late.

What can you do? Here are a few options:

  • Change All of Your Investments Into Precious Metals - NOW.
  • Pay Off All Debt. There are indications that debt will become criminal soon, and will be the justification for imprisonment.
  • Get the Hell outa Dodge. North America is hopeless. Canada and Mexico alike (they are the 51st and 52nd states, respectively, since NAFTA was signed. All corporations of note in both countries are US-. Whatever befalls the US will befall these two sorry nations as well. Find a Location Elsewhere, liquidate your assets and split.
  • Armed Insurrectionn: Good luck with that! When the US military bases are finished in the Middle East, the troops will be coming home. You'll never win.
The coming frost will damage so many. Good luck. My heart is with you all.

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