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Neo-Cons vs. Big Oil... Fractured States

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Before you continue with this post, might I suggest that you run, don't walk, to your local bookstore (while they're still legal) and buy a copy of Greg Palast's excellent book, Armed Madhouse.

We, who humbly consider ourselves on the vangaurd of the so-called "truth movement," must remember that we too can easily fall prey to social traps. Decades of scientific research have shown clearly that the simplest level of your brain likes to sort things into black & white, left & right, etc. Like iguanas.
Humans get a constant stream of "gut" feeling from this so called "lizard brain." They can make us totally aggressive toward something if we fear enough.

Here's a social trap that so called liberals, or "left-wingers" often fall into:

"Practically all rich and powerful folk are working together towards the common goal of dictatorial control of free markets."

Here's one that so called "rightist" or "libertarian" can fall into:

"Free market principles will guide us."

The truth is the opposite in both views. We need to be on guard. Lies and secrets abound. Yet these lies can hold both the seed for our downfall and the singular opportunity to unite our overly-polarised people. Even such disparate elements as right-wing libertarians, left-wing students/hippies, centrists even all the religious... everybody.

Because this secret touches on some of the values that are at the core of how we decide to live our lives and spend our time in our societies. Because in Iraq there is a secret struggle going on that we are not allowed to know about. We can unite at least to put the truth to the common lie.

I'm talking about secrets more secret than were the so called "international scandals" that erupted over torture at Abu Gharib Prison or Haliburton charging $100/bag to do the US Army's laundry (obviously these aren't so secret - we found out about those two).

The secret struggle is actually between the two forces you thought would have been taking each other to the prom: the much-hated neo-cons and Big Oil.
This secret struggle is one that, if we knew about its causes, we woul rise up in revolt (by we, I mean a theoretical "Western" country where each citizen has NOT been socially labotomised by TV or meds).

"But wait," lefties say, "I thought that the neo-cons, especially Bush (Bush is not really a neo-con per se, but rather he is controlled by them) and Cheney were Big Oil Boys from back in the day."
"Their main concern was "securing" the oil in Iraq, wasn't it?" By securing they meant, "selling the oil fields to the highest bidder."

To explain, some Iraqi history is in order. I'd start hundreds of years ago, but I can't: Iraq has only existed as a state for some 80 years.

Iraq is a fictional conglomeration of tribal states that had stood, relatively peacefully, for thousands of years. You had the Kurds, and what became the Shia and Sunni in three vague nation-tribes. Enter the Conquering Brits.

In deep consultation with the Seven Sisters (the 7 Big Oil companies of the day, now further monopolised into 4 companies), the UK gathered all these disparate tribes, with varying loyalties and outlooks, and forced them to become "Iraq." The only thing that has ever held "Iraq" together has been sheer, brute force ever since.

Now that the UK and the Sisters had their "Iraq," you might think that their first priority would be to pump as much liquid gold out of the Iraqi earth as possible - get rich or drill tryin'. Right? Wrong. Iraq has been, since its very inception, forced NOT to pump oil.

Remember, in the corporate religion known as the Free Market "more supply" = "less demand" = "falling prices" = "less profit." "Less profit" = "going to Hell" in the Free Market afterlife. So Big Oil cannot over-flood the market. So, after creating Iraq out of whole cloth, the Seven Sisters, instead of drilling for oil all over their new territory, they instead created the much-vaunted OPEC. This was all pre-arranged and agreed to by all the standard, UN Security Coucil-type nations. Iraq was NOT to produce much oil at all.

"Hunh?!?! OPEC was created BY Big Oil white-boys?! I though that OPEC was the Arab ENEMY! The ones that 'hold us hostage' at the pumps at their turban-shrouded whim?"

Yes - OPEC is the baby of Big Oil. They set quotas. And quotas are what keep oil prices high. The gas lines of the 70s are a great example. Did you know that, at the peak of the crisis of '72, oil reserevs in the USA were down only 2%?!? There was no shortage. It was a money-grab for Big Oil's white boys masked as an angry-Arab attack on the free world.

The neo-cons are actually on the side of those who feel that we are held hostage by the House of Saud and it needs to end. Iraq is their play to destroy Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Invade Iraq, privatise the fileds, and start pumpin'. The glut of oil would destroy OPEC quotas and the decreased prices would bankrupt and fracture Suadi Arabia and OPEC.

Shockingly, Big Oil is the biggest opponent to provatisation of Iraqi - or anyone else's - oil. Big Oil, having set up OPEC, prefer to have a dictator running a state oil company. These tend to just take their blood money and obey OPEC quotas, this keeping prices controllable. Using all the support provided by all the usual players, the neo-cons would sell their Iraq war wrapped up with the War on Terror (the war on an abstract noun). It worked. But Big Oil figured out

So, the big obstacle in the way of the neo-cons truly viable plan was this pesky arrangement with the most powerful countries and CEOs on Earth that Iraq was to have its spigots closed. Sadaam had been messing with the quotas at his whim and was becoming a real thorn in Big OiI's side. He had to go. In regime-change, the neo-cons saw their opportunity to fleece Big Oil.

While the neo-cons do occupy some of the most powerful offices in the world, both private and governmental, it is to be remembered that the neo-cons are a small cabal. In fact, in Reagan's cabinet these gentlemen (Cheney, Wolfowitz, et al) were referred as "the Crazies." The neo-cons have never had 9and still don't have) enough power to overturn international agreements through standard power-wielding techniques. How would they wrest Iraq from the British "arrangement," backed by the most powerful groups on Earth?

The answer: Spoil the merchandise.

Erase "Iraq" and you cannot very well have an "arrangement" with Iraq's government.

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